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Apartment tips, tricks, and shortcuts that can help you out with your next apartment

Signing Contract

How to Give Notice When Moving

Giving notice is very important when you are moving, and with enough time given, you should be able to move easily without having any problems with your landlord. Failure to give enough notice can result in having to forfeit your security...

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Moving from Virginia to Maryland

Virginia is a popular state because of its rich culture and good environment but its neighboring state, Maryland, is also a nice place to live. If you are moving between the two, here are some things you should consider and...


Prepping and Painting Your Apartment

In order to paint your apartment with ease there are certain preparation steps you should take. If you are organized in what you are doing your budget and time won’t be a problem. Here are some basic guidelines to help you...

Fells Point Harbor in Baltimore

Long Weekend Excursion: Baltimore, MD

Roughly an hour away from the DC Metro area, Baltimore is a friendly, creative, and scrappy city teeming with character, grit, and history. Whether you are taking a stroll around the inner harbor, going to a show in PowerPlant Live,...

Oscar Party Games and Trivia

Tips for Throwing an Oscar Party

After Christmas and New Year’s there’s a lag in excitement, especially for singletons. But have no fear; the Oscars are coming again this year on February 26, 2017. What better reason to throw a party in your apartment than to...

Drink Some Hot Cocoa

Transitioning Holiday Decor to Winter Decor

Not ready to say good-bye to your carefully constructed mini tree or menorah? Struggling to let go of your favorite part of winter? I know Boxing Day can bring on the blues, so stave it off a bit longer. Here...