Charles County, Maryland: Apartments and Area Information

Quick Facts About Charles County

  • Avg. Household Income: $86,141
  • Avg. Commute Time: 40.5 min
  • Population: 139,171
  • Sales Taxes: 6.00%

Photos of Charles County

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Why Charles County Could be Your Next Hometown

Also referred to as Old Charles County, Charles County was created in 1658 and was named for the third Lord Baltimore Charles Calvert.

The area spans 643 square miles with about 28 percent being water. The county spans 458 square miles and is situated in the southern part of Maryland along the Potomac River.

Businesses and industries are making an effort to move here due to the low costs in land and taxes. The area is also home to the Naval Surface Warfare Center and Southern Maryland Oil.

In Charles County most employment comes from the retail trade and services area. The county also boasts nine county parks, three state parks and four national wildlife areas.

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