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Quick Facts About Millersville

  • Avg. Household Income: $48,867
  • Avg. Commute Time: 26.0 min
  • Population: 28,672
  • Sales Taxes: 6%
  • Zip Code: 21108

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Why Millersville Could be Your Next Hometown

Anne Arundel County’s, Millersville, MD is home to almost 18,000 people. Upholding a small-town feel, Millersville is historically known for Childs Residence, a historic home built in 1852, a smokehouse and dairy built in 1840, and a frame store built in 1920. Millersville’s Childs Residence links this historical time period to integrity of town today.

Apartment shoppers working in nearby Baltimore (11 miles) or Washington, D.C. (28 miles), should note that Millersville, MD is conveniently located near Route 97 and Route 3 for an easy commute.

Family-friendly Millersville has eight schools, two of which are private, Anne Arundel Community College, and Strayer University’s Anne Arundel Campus for higher education.

As a suburban community, Millersville, MD is perfect for affordable apartment living in a beautiful, historic town, convenient to DC and Baltimore.

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