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Why Arlington County, Virginia Could be Your Next Hometown

Arlington is home to the Ronald Reagan National Airport, the Arlington National Cemetery, Fort Myer, the Pentagon Mall and the Pentagon. The multitude of districts and neighborhoods within Arlington offers many areas of shopping, dining and entertainment. Condos and apartments are abundant in this area and nearby Metro stations offer easily accessible public transportation.

Arlington County is west of the District of Columbia, just next to the Potomac River. In the 26 square miles that the county occupies, more than half of the land is being used for residential purposes. The area is a fast-paced growing county -- more than half of the homes are rented and a number of luxury apartments and condos are being built today.

Historically, Arlington was it was part of the District in 1791 and was previously known as the Alexandria County of the District of Columbia. However in 1846 the area later was returned to Virginia and 24 years later, the city separated from the county of Alexandria. The name was later changed to Arlington in 1920 when Arlington County was adopted.