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Why Elkridge, MD Could be Your Next Hometown
Overview of the city

Elkridge is a town in in Howard County, Maryland, United States. The town is popular for its rich history of industries, including basket weaving, pig-iron forging, paper, cotton and grist milling. The town has the oldest stone curved bridge in the world, which is the Thomas Viaduct, located over Levering Avenue at the Patapsco Valley State Park entrance. One of things most residents boast about is the employment from the B&O Railroad.

General Information

Elkridge has a population of more than 14,900 people as of 2014, and for 14 years, it has had a population growth of 28%. The median cost of homes in the city is $304,000, though this has been reducing lately - a good news to though who do not have a lot of money to spare in buying their dream homes.

In terms of the cost of living, the city has a rate which is 26% higher than the average in the United States, though there are many jobs which provide the means for residents to meet the cost and maintain a high standard of living. For instance, while more than $16,000 is spent by public schools per student every year, the city has a very low unemployment rate of 3.90% while the national average is 6.3%.

Location and Neighboring Cities

Some of the neighboring cities in Elkridge are Mount Augustine, Elkridge Heights, Lawyers Hill, West Elkridge, Canbury Woods, Saint Denis, Montgomery Woods, Montgomery Manor, Rockburn Commons, Relay, Ehrmansville, Quail Ridge, Avalon, Hilton Place, Richardson Mews, Glenartney, Hanover and Hunt Club Estates.

What the City is Known For

These are some of the things for which Elkridge is known:

· One of the 3 Most Energetic Cities

· One of the 2 Best Large Metro Area Cities for Teleworking

· One of the 12 America's Most Playful Cities

· One of the 8 The Most Gender Balanced Cities

· One of the 12 Best Block Party Places

· One of the 15 Best US Cities for Seniors

· One of the 17 America's Least Manly Cities

· One of the 16 Most Secure Large Cities in the U.S.

· One of the 19 Healthiest Cities

· One of the 22 Cities on the Edge of Greatness

· One of the 20 Cities with the Best Airports to Make a Connection

· One of the 25 Best Baseball Cities

· One of the 26 The Most Single Cities

· One of the 28 Americas Manliest Cites

· One of the 27 America's Manliest Sports Cities

· One of the 29 Cities with the Most Competitive Private Colleges

· One of the 30 Fiscally Fit Cities

· One of the 34 America's Best Cities for Dating

· One of the 40 Most Romantic Cities for Boomers

· One of the 126 Best Green Cities

· One of the 65 Most Popular Cities for the Holidays

Elkridge Main Transportation System

More than 80% of the population make use of their own cars, much higher than the 76% national average. However, the government has a good mass transit system to benefit the 3% using it. Howard County has teamed up with Anne Arundel County, the City of Laurel and Northern Prince George's County to meet the needs of residents, including those living in Elkridge. They formed the Regional Transportation Agency of Central Maryland (RTA) to establish a more efficient and effective public transportation system across Central Maryland.

There is also an on-going construction of the Central Maryland Regional Transit Facility to house multiple transit vehicles, and the transit vehicles and buses will be maintained and serviced in one of the service bays, while refueling will be done on-site.

Elkridge Neighborhoods

These are some of the most popular neighborhoods in Elkridge:

Dorsey - this contains a large parking lot off of Maryland State Highway 100 and is a stop on MARC's Camden line, and Dorsey station is mainly serving commuters traveling to Ellicott City from Elkridge. The businesses in the area include warehouses, hotels and satellite campuses for both the University of Maryland University College and Johns Hopkins University.

Elkridge Landing - this neighborhood is now part of Elkridge, and is popular for the historic Elkridge Furnace Inn.