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Why Wheaton, MD Could be Your Next Hometown

Overview of the city

Wheaton is a town in Montgomery County, Maryland, United States, designated as an Arts and Entertainment District, making it one of the best places to live or visit in the country. The designation as an Arts and Entertainment District makes it possible for the artists working in the area to enjoy an income tax break. For up to 10 years, on the value of the renovations, a developer who creates spaces for artists to work and live can also be exempted from paying certain property taxes. Wheaton is also one of the few places exempted from admissions and amusement taxes.

General Information

Wheaton has a population of 48,284 residents, with the presence of many good employers and tax benefits responsible for the increase over the past 15 years. From 2000, the town has grown by 13%, and today, 50% of the residents are married.

Wheaton has a median home price of $328600, and while this could be seen as very high, the town enjoyed an unemployment rate of 4.1%. Though the cost of living is high, it is one of the places where people can find jobs. The average unemployment rate in the country is 6.3%

There are 15,382 housing units in the town, with 14,697 of them occupied, while 685 are vacant. Of the total housing units, 2,600, 68, 65, and 571 are single, double, 3 to 4 and 5 to 9 units respectively. About 21%, 26%, 17% and 34% of the 15,382 housing units are 1, 2, 3 and at least 4-person household respectively.

Location and Neighboring Cities

Wheaton is located northwest of Silver Spring and north of Washington, D.C., with some of its neighboring cities being Monterrey Village, Kensington View, Wheaton Forest, College View, Wheaton Hills, Arcola, Stephen Knolls, Wheaton Crest, Kensington Heights, Plyers Mill Estates, Glen Haven, Newport Hills, Kensington Knolls, Glenview, Chestnut Ridge, Connecticut, Gardens, Homewood and Northbrook Estates.

What the City is Known For

Wheaton is a good place to live because it is known as one of the:

· 1 Most Secure Large Cities in the U.S.

· 1 Best Extra Large Metro Areas for Teleworking

· 2 Healthiest Cities

· 4 Cities with the Best Airports to Make a Connection

· 4 Most Gender Balanced Cities

· 7 Cities on the Edge of Greatness

· 14 Most Single Cities

· 50 Most Energetic Cities

· 9 Most Playful Cities in America

· 15 Cities with the Most Competitive Private Colleges

· 22 Cities with the Most Popular Cities for the Holidays

· 19 Cities with the Most Competitive Public Colleges

· 25 Best Cities for Seniors

· 29 Most Romantic Cities for Boomers

· 26 Fiscally Fit Cities

· 36 Best Baseball Cities

· 46 America's Best Cities for Dating

· 40 Best Block Party Places

· 87 Best Green Cities

Wheaton Main Transportation System

About 57% of the residents of Wheaton use their own cars in traveling, and as this is lower than the 76% US average, it means more people depend on mass transit than in most other cities of the country - 22.6% while the average for most cities is just 4.98%.

The town is served by the Washington Metro system's the Red Line. 27 stations are served by the Red Line in the District of Columbia and Montgomery County, Marylandin addition to being the primary line through downtown Washington, it is the busiest and oldest line in the system. During the day, 6-minute intervals are provided by the line and 12 minutes in the evening.

Located at the intersection of Georgia Avenue (Maryland Route 97) and Reedie Drive, Wheaton Washington Metro station serves all the suburb of the town, featuring the longest set of single-span escalators. One of its other architectural feature is that each direction has separate tunnels and platforms, instead of the vaulted, large common room many of the other underground stations have.

Wheaton Neighborhood

There are many good neighborhoods awaiting those interesting in moving to the town. Each neighborhood also has many parks and recreational centers for residents. A good example is the Wheaton Regional Park, which includes riding stables; a nature center; dog park; an athletic complex with indoor tennis, a picnic area with carousel and miniature train; in-line skating rink and ice rink; and ball fields. There is also Brookside Gardens, a 50-acre display garden where family and friends can always visit.