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Why Gainesville, VA Could be Your Next Hometown
Overview of the city

Gainesville is a town in Prince William County, Virginia, United States, one of the most popular in the country because in the past, the town was a changing point for stagecoach horses and a shipping point for timber, grain and cattle. One of the most visited places is the first townhome community, starting the era of the town's mass development programs.

General Information

Gainesville has a population of over 11,000 people, much higher than the less than 2,000 the town had some 15 years ago. The town's median home cost is $424,000, which is one of the highest in the United States, in addition to its cost of living being more than 51% higher than the country average. Though the town is expensive, there are many good jobs for residents; the unemployment rate is 4.2%, while the US average is 6.3%. In addition, jobs have been growing in the town at the rate of 2.23% per annum.

Since the past 15 years, Gainesville has been experiencing major residential and commercial development, making the town to have 6 large shopping centers. The I-66 and Lee Highway (29 Highway) intersection has the largest shopping center where you can find many big box stores like Lowe's, Target Supercenter, Best Buy, Walgreens, DSW and many other restaurants and stores.

Location and Neighboring Cities

Gainesville has many important neighboring cities, some of which are Lakeview, Hillwood Park Mobile Home Park, Lakeview Estates, Kennard Ridge, Haymarket, Long Level Estates, Wellington, Broad Run Village, Catharpin Farms Estates, Bushy Acres, Twin Oaks, Linton Hall, Greenwich Acres, Buckland, Cedar Knolls, Greenwich, Zouave Hills and Lawnvale Estates.

What the City is Known For

Most residents have been living in Gainesville for years, raising children who even formed their own families in the same city after growing up. Tourists who come to the town also fall in love with it. The reason for all these good things is that Gainesville is known as:

· One of the 87 Best Green Cities

· One of the 11 Best Cities for Teleworking

· One of the 32 Healthiest Cities

· One of the 21 Most Secure Large Cities in the U.S.

· One of the 4 Most Gender Balanced Cities

· One of the 17 Cities on the Edge of Greatness

· One of the 4 Best Airports to Make a Connection

· One of the 9 Most Secure Places to Live in the U.S.

· One of the 14 The Most Single Cities

· One of the 19 America's Most Playful Cities

· One of the 15 Cities with the Most Competitive Private Colleges

· One of the 19 Cities with the Most Competitive Public Colleges

· One of the 18 Best Cities for Sleep

· One of the 22 Most Popular Cities for the Holidays

· One of the 26 Fiscally Fit Cities

· One of the 29 Most Romantic Cities for Boomers

· One of the 34 America's Manliest Sports Cities

· One of the 36 Best Baseball Cities

· One of the 40 Best Block Party Places

· One of the 46 America's Best Cities for Dating

· One of the 50 Most Energetic Cities

Gainesville Main Transportation System

Gainesville has more than 75% of its residents using their own cars as their major means of transportation, while 13% depend on carpool and 6% on mass transit. The government has been making series of efforts to improve the transportation system in the town, with the Gainesville railway station planned to be opened within the next few years. The station is to connect the region through commuter rail to Manassas, Washington, D.C. and Fairfax County.

A major north-south route in the Commonwealth of Virginia is U.S. Route 29 (US 29), and this covers 248 miles, up to the Key Bridge in Washington, D.C. from the North Carolina border at the city of Danville. Virginia is almost divided into eastern and western halves by US 29, and along with 85/95 farther east and Interstate 81 in western Virginia, residents enjoy important north-south routes through the Commonwealth.

Gainesville Neighborhoods

Every Gainesville neighborhood is good for residents and visitors. For residents, there are many affordable housing units for purchase or renting. There are also many good places for residents and visitors to do shopping. For instance, Bank Of America, Wells Fargo, and other shops are located in Somerset Crossing, and not far from US-15 are Ross, Staples, Wegmans Food Markets, Michael's, and Harris Teeter stores, while good offers can be taken advantage of at the recently opened Promenade at Virginia Gateway.