Monthly Archive: March 2011

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GWU Adds Touch of Class to Foggy Bottom Neighborhood

If you’ve ever taken a ride on the Metro’s Blue/Orange Line and gotten off at the Foggy Bottom-GWU stop, what you see on your left – the George Washington University Medical Center – clues you into one giant fact: You’re...

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Sweet! Fairfax Chocolate Festival Promises More Than Just Desserts

I’m betting a lot of you out there like chocolate. Chocolate candy bars, chocolate ice cream, chocolate mousse, chocolate Easter bunnies, hot chocolate, chocolate anything. Women are supposed to have a particular jones for this sweet substance from Theobroma cacao,...

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Woodley Park: Lions, Tigers and Bears! Oh, My!

Anyone who has read this blog for awhile, well, maybe scoured it, will know I have an affinity for great cats. Other than an Amur or Bengal tiger, cats don’t get any greater than the African lion (discounting ligers, which...