Annapolis Offers Hometown Feel That D.C., Baltimore Can’t Match

The Maryland State House in Annapolis.

This old house: Annapolis is full of historic sites, including the Maryland State House (above), the nation’s oldest, still-operating legislature.

Annapolis, Md., is known for many things.

First, there’s the beautiful Chesapeake Bay and all it entails: crabs, rockfish, trout … the seafood makes me hungry just writing about it. Annapolis is also home to the United States Naval Academy, where mere boys and girls are transformed into Navy officers. To top it off, the “Sailing Capital of America” is also Maryland’s state capital. Any one of these highlights would be the apogee of most cities, but Annapolis has even more to offer.

In fact, those looking for apartments in Annapolis might be surprised to find out that the Maryland capital has a hometown feel with enough amenities to make you forget all about the two big cities it sits between: Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Housing an estimated 34,281 citizens (according to the 2006-08 American Community Survey 3-Year Estimate), Annapolis was designated a “Central City” in its own right. Whether you call it a city or a town, Annapolis is a great place to live.

The term “quaint” could’ve been invented for Annapolis, or at least its downtown area, which houses more than 60 18th-century structures. In fact, the entire downtown section has been declared a National Historic Landmark.

While strolling around this scenic milieu, be sure to hit the unique and trendy shops nestled close together. And for all you modern-agers out there who demand to have your goodies under one roof, there is the nearby Annapolis Shopping Mall, home to some 240 stores, and Annapolis Towne Centre, which hosts a weekly farmers’ market and concert series in addition to upscale shopping.

But it’s the waterfront area that makes Annapolis truly unique. While smelling the salty air, you can dine at one of the city’s many waterfront restaurants, walk back up Main Street a little ways and devour a homemade treat at the Annapolis Ice Cream Company (voted best in the city from 2005 onward), and finish the day off with a brew at one of the various local taverns.

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Scott D

Scott D

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