Celebrate the Good Olde Days at the Maryland Renaissance Festival

Maryland Renaissance Festival

We’re gonna party like it’s 1544: A quartet of fair ladies in period dress add to the authentic atmosphere at the nation’s second-largest renaissance festival. (Jeff Kubina via Flickr)

Go ahead. Snicker, laugh, do the Balki Dance of Joy.

You, in the back row, stop your laughing, or I’ll get Cousin Larry after ya! I hear he has a plan.

Not only does Cousin Larry have a plan, but we have a guest writer here to tell you of the wonders of ye olde festival taking place in Crownsville, Md., about eight miles from the center of Annapolis, a great place to, you know, rent an apartment.

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The Maryland Renaissance Festival is happening every Saturday and Sunday until October 23, 10:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m., rain or shine.

Take it away, maiden …

Ladies and gentlemen … Summer is ending, and that can only mean one thing: Once again, it is time to cinch your corsets and don your cod pieces for the annual Maryland Renaissance Festival in Crownsville.

Of course, you don’t have to wear a costume, but it’s part of the pageantry; half the fun of the faire is the motley array of medieval and renaissance apparel worn by festivalgoers and performers who are sure to be pleased to meet thee.

Don’t tarry if you don’t have a thing to wear. You can certainly rent an outfit made by one of the hundreds of regional artisans showing off their fantastic handmade period wares.

The crowd itself is a lot of fun. It’s hard to tell who is a faire worker and who is a guest. Guests really go all out with their costumes and character personalities. Handsome lads may also have to either accept or fend off a red-lipped kiss from one of the faire’s merry wenches. You may see kings and queens, elves, faeries, plague victims with realistic theatrical makeup, witches … and perhaps a random pirate or two.

Lords and ladies alike are sure to enjoy the step back in time while wandering the grounds listening to troubadours vocalizing madrigals as a soundtrack to the experience, taking in a dancing or juggling lesson, or just sitting in one of the pubs to quaff a goblet of the finest local meade.

And food. You won’t leave hungry. Whether you gnaw on a gigantic turkey leg like a beast or settle for some peasant bread or a soft pretzel, you will find something to tantalize your palate and ward off the hungries.

There is much ado and much to do considering the faire’s standard fare: historical personalities come to life, staged comedy performances, jousting tournaments, dramatic Shakespearean performances at the Globe Theatre and maybe even a mud battle or two.

There’s never a shortage of musical stylings, including Celtic drums and harpestry. You’ll surely see wandering performers, including magicians and mimes.

Try to catch a performance by Johnny Fox, sword swallower extraordinaire, and be sure to see at least one of the glassblowing demonstrations where you can watch sand become molten lava and metamorphose in front of your very eyes. It’s an amazing process to witness, and you can buy the one-of-a-kind piece you watched the artist make before you go.

When you’re weary of meandering on foot in the throng of these myriad activities, you can stop for a respite at Her Majesty’s Healers for some essential, oiled-up R&R before returning to the crowd to scour the shopping displays for a souvenir wine goblet, jewelry, pottery, potpourri or even some historical weaponry and chain mail armor.

You can even get married here if the betrothed paramours desire a festival wedding.

As cliché as it sounds, there really is something for everyone to enjoy at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. – Cynthia Pfeffer Koerber, Animal Rescuer, Educator

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Scott D

Scott D

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