Hark! It’s Time Again for the Maryland Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Festival

Flip side: Zounds! Way to stay in character, Friar Tuck. Meanwhile, that phone looks like it might actually be from the Renaissance. (Jeff Kubina via Flickr)

It’s geek time again, and what a time to be a geek, with historical/fantasy fiction, TV shows and movies flourishing like seemingly never before.

The 37th Annual Maryland Renaissance Festival is back again, nine weekends (plus the odd Monday on September 2) of fun from August 24 to October 20 in Crownsville, Md., which is located just outside Annapolis.

And what will the renter find when they enter Revel Grove’s enchanted realm? What do you think? Women in Stella McCartney, men with briefcases, people with annoying (that’s right, @#*&*#$ annoying) smartphones, or to be more precise, @#*&*#$ annoying people twiddling on their smartphones right in front of their friends and families, people they should be conversing with? Unfortunately, given the times, you may well see some of that.

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But what you’ll definitely spy are slightly less annoying people (OK, some of them may be even harder to take) in 16th-century English costumes acting out whatever people in 16th-century English costumes generally act out. Hey, there’s comfort in fantasy, right? Well, some people like it, so shut up.

View Larger Map 2013 Maryland Renaissance Festival
1821 Crownsville Rd.
Annapolis, Md. 21401

Here’s this year’s storyline, along with a good primer about what this festival’s all about (and if you have to click on this link to figure it out, something tells me this may not be your thing in the first place).

Like last year (and I assume, every year), they open at 10 a.m. and close up shop at 7 p.m.

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And, oh, what entertainment there is in store for patrons. You get to watch Johnny Fox swallowing swords, British magician Gazzo do his “cups and balls routine,” and bawdy dame Columbina share all her ribald secrets in “The Perfect Touch … with Columbina,” a new show that can’t be too blue because, after all, this is supposed to be family fare. The above link will give you a plethora of antiquated entertainment options.

There will of course be food and artisans galore competing for your fantasy dollar. Prices for single-day tickets depend on when you actually descend upon this madness. For adults, if you come before September 15, it’ll cost you $17; afterward, $22. Check the site for the full pricing list (kids, seniors, groups, multiday passes).

Come out and have a drink, eat some food, watch some performances, and travel back to a time before smartphones or Kardashians … or at least the ones on TV. You can also find your next apartment in the area with Apartment Showcase.



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