Walk This Way: 4 Fall Hikes for the D.C.-Area Renter

Potomac Heritage Trail

Washington slept here: The Potomac Heritage Trail, running all the way up to the Allegheny Highlands in Pennsylvania, traces territory explored by George Washington himself … presumably on those nights he needed to get away from Martha. You know how she gets. (kirybabe via Flickr)

I’m using the 2009 Washingtonian article “Take a Hike: Good Outdoor Walks for Fall” by Eliot Stein as a starting point, chiseling the dozen down to four, and adding my own crack research to come up with four fall hikes for the metro area renter to take.

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You can always go to the original article to see what you missed, but you wouldn’t do that, would you? You’re here to be wooed by my magical writing into clicking on strategically placed links, where you’ll be bowled over by the many marvelous apartments we serve up to rent, right?

1. Rock Creek Park – Founded in 1890, Rock Creek Park in Northwest, D.C., was one of the first federal parks. It’s huge, and here are three short hikes to take. Help celebrate its 123rd birthday at the Rock Creek Park Day 2013 Festival on September 28.

2. Cabin John Stream Valley Trail – This 8.8-mile Potomac, Md., trail, which winds through Cabin John Regional Park, is so freaking long it takes three separate PDF images to get a handle on it. It features a few types of designations too, like hard surface, natural surface and hiker/biker-only. I never knew hiking was this categorized. This looks like quite a specimen.

3. Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail – So huge it traverses Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and the capital, this mammoth trail network “follows the paths explored by George Washington.”

4. Theodore Roosevelt Island – Sitting in the middle of the Potomac River, right between Washington, D.C., and Arlington, this natural wonder hosts miles of trails and is dedicated to our conservation president. And yes, the National Park Service should be ashamed of that PDF. It’s 2013, not the time of Roosevelt – either one.

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