Apartment-Friendly Cat Habitats for the Furball in Your Life

A while ago we listed some great dog parks in the city, and I only thought it fair to do something nice for the cats – and cat lovers – out there in metroland.

White cat on the screened in porch

May cause drowsiness: Whether indoors or out, a habitat gives your cat the chance to lie around and yawn all day in a whole new environment!

I’m going to show you some pretty cool catitat sites/stores. Obviously, some of these setups are quite elaborate and may be out of your price range, but a bunch more will be right in your wheelhouse (and the more ostentatious ones will give you ideas of what to do for your cat when you have the scratch).

So no matter if you rent an apartment in Rockville, Chinatown or Triangle, hopefully you’ll glean some catitat info you can put to good use for your pet.

1.      Habitat Haven – OK, so these are some high-end balcony playgrounds for your furry furball. Located in Canada, Habitat Haven actually has habitats for sale in select U.S. pet stores (unfortunately, none near here on their website). Whether you can afford something like this or not, you can always snag ideas. If you can afford one of these, more power to you. Here are some vids on their goods.

2.      Catbitats – Another high-end cat pleaser, their website is as out of date as those pants you wore in 1987. Catbitats is located in Arizona and has a presence on Facebook. Again, you probably can’t afford one of their catbitats (neither Habitat Haven or Catbitats list their prices), but maybe you could hire some handy fella to help you design a scaled-down version? Or if you yourself are really handy…

3.      Caboodle – Ah, that’s more like it you think, something I can actually see myself buying as-is! These corrugated habitats for cats can fit any apartment for the princely sum of $24.95. Two caveats. One, Caboodle’s habitats are made of cardboard, so nix the balcony. Secondly, it’s cardboard, so no matter what the site says, I don’t recommend it for huge cats. (The site says they’re sold out of these cardboard funhouses, and the owners were unresponsive when I called. But, as you can see, this is a pretty easy design to ape. So whether you buy it or make one, it’s good for your cat).

4.      WayfairWayfair, alas, is not a pet store exactly. It’s a shopping site that happens to list a whole bunch of kitty condos for you to peruse and maybe buy. From scratchers to full-on gym- and palace-like contraptions, there’s bound to be something here for any cat. A quick perusal finds prices ranging from $8.15 for the Hagen Catit Wide Cardboard Scratching Board (with catnip) to $369.99 for The Lotus Cat Tree in Espresso. While you’re at it, check out Hagen’s site for more cat products and information.

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Scott D

Scott D

Scott is a local writer and has been with the Apartment Showcase blog since its inception in 2010.

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