Breathe Easy: Protecting Your Precious Lungs With an Air Filter

Alen Paralda Air Purifier

Dust busters: Air Purifier’s top-rated filter will set you back about $330, while Air Purifiers America’s leading performer (above) costs roughly $430. (Air Purifiers America)

What is the most vital element on earth we need to survive? I’m going to go ahead and say oxygen, because, while, in some cases, we can go without food for a month (or even a bit longer), a number of days without water and, I’m pushing it here, years without “Dancing With the Stars,” we can last only minutes without oxygen, and I’m not talking about the television network.

Big deal, you say. Unlike most things in life, oxygen is free. Try telling that to an asthmatic or, even someone renting across the hall from a smoker.

Knowing that city living can be tough on the lungs – or anywhere if stanchioned in an air-polluted area – I’m going to feature some air purifiers today (and before you go all ape$#!@ on me, I know there are conflicting opinions whether these devices can in fact filter cigarette smoke; do your research).

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Some people – those with health problems or even the super-health conscious – might already own one. Either way, this is good information to know if you want to breathe the cleanest air you can while living in your Gaithersburg apartment.

I’ve found a site titled Air Purifier Yeah, that’s its name. Kinda like saying it snows in the Arctic, these people see no need to beat around the O2 bush. And before you scream that it looks like a paid advertising site, hey, it seems to have some good information, and I’ll trust you, the smart consumer, to ascertain whether it’s on the level. I think it is. Here is their list of best air purifiers.

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I had no idea the prices of some of these! I’ve seen them range from thousands down to $100 or so. But you know what, what’s more important than the air you breathe?

A good thing about these purifiers is you can take them anywhere you move. It seems from cursory research that you’ll have to buy filters for most of them. But for those of you who want to breathe in clean air, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Here is a slightly more professional air filter site. These two sites will be a good starting point for those looking for a little fresh air.

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