Stay Wired In – Winter Wear That Warms Your Commute


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OK, it’s cold outside, and it seems to be here to stay (minus the weird 55- or 60-degree day or two we have sprinkled between the blustery winds, snow and sleet).

On my commute to work (a.k.a. waiting for the bus), I like to obsessively check my phone for work email and respond to texts while listening to Spotify. I need to keep my hands warm and myself organized so when the bus pulls up, I’m ready to hop on and head in to deal with the day.

Here are two things that should do the trick:

  • Get Gloves for Your Mobile Devices
    Your hands will never be cold again! There are a few types of gloves out now that allow you to interact with your screen without removing them. Here are a few in no particular order: iTap Gloves, AGloves and Glider Gloves.
  • Coat + Messenger Bag (or Handbag) = One Warm Human
    The SeV Puffer Jacket is amazing. It has 19 pockets. Eliminate reaching into your bag for your mobile device (you can control your device right through the cloth), ChapStick, wallet and more. And the best part is they have all types of men’s and women’s wear if you aren’t a fan of the style of this jacket. (


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Hint: These could also make the perfect gift for yourself or someone special on Valentine’s Day.

If you’ve tried any of these products or have others you’d recommend in a heartbeat, let us know!

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