5 Herbs to Grow in Your Apartment This Winter

Bay leaves

Fancy plants: Try using bay leaves in your next pot roast, vegetable stew or batch of baked potatoes to add some subtle, savory flavor. (k0a1a.net via Flickr)

It’s cold outside. February. The heart of winter.

You’re sluggish, slow to get out of bed, and even slower to trudge off to work and face another day of that, at 8:00 in the morning no less. And I pick now, when it’s freezing out, to write about plants? That’s for warmer times, you muse. Well, that’s not always the case.

The plant-savvy apartment renter will know there’s one edible that can thrive indoors in the winter: herb plants. For non-plant people out there, herbs can not only be used fresh but dried as well. And hey, like everything else, herbs cost money, so why not grow your own and save a little?

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So I’ve gleaned some information from Organic Gardening and come up with five different kinds of herbs you can grow in your apartment. Play your cards right and they’ll fuel your meals all year long.

1.      Basil – Yes, the name “basil” brings to mind a British fellow smoking a pipe, replete with a burgundy velvet jacket (though it was the name of an Indian landlord I once had, so go figure), but it’s also a “leafy herb from the mint family with a licorice-clove flavor,” according to Food.com. Organic Gardening says to place the plant in a south-facing window for good sun exposure.

2.      Bay – Shows you how much I know about herbs: I’ve never even heard of this one. A perennial that grows well all year long, bay needs to be facing an east or west window. Important: Don’t crowd bay; it needs air circulation to remain healthy. But what the heck is bay and what does it taste like?

3.      Chives – Chives! Now we’re talking. Something I actually recognize. This one’s a bit complicated to grow. Here, have a look. And here’s an even more in-depth look at how to grow this herb.

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4.      Oregano – Everybody’s heard of this one too. Organic Gardening says it’s best “to start with a tip cutting from an outdoor oregano plant.” You should place the potted plant in a south-facing window.

5.      Parsley – Another well-known herb. Organic Gardening tells us you can start this herb from seeds or a clump from your garden. Parsley is said to be a sun-lover, and the folks at eHow opine that the plant should “get at least four to six hours of direct sunlight.”

Note: In terms of which window direction gives the correct amount of sunlight, I’ll admit to not understanding completely, but this site explains about sunlight as it pertains to houseplants, and this one has some lighting tips as well. Find your next apartment with Apartment Showcase. 

Scott D

Scott D

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