It’s Time to Start That Spring Container Garden

Balconey container garden

A place in the sun: Turn your balcony into a home for your favorite herbs, vegetables or other assorted greens with an easy-to-make container garden. (Maggie Hoffman via Flickr)

Anyone who reads this site knows I’m not a gardener, because I’m always letting others tell you how to grow stuff. At least I’m honest.

I’ve written about apartment gardening here, here and here.

Today, instead of me tediously listing the steps in creating your own container/balcony garden in your beautiful Dupont Circle apartment, I’ve (unbeknownst to them) enlisted the help of Canada’s Greenland Garden Centre (who have an amazing 168 videos on their YouTube channel for you to learn from), and Rob Sproule from Salisbury Greenhouse, also from up north. Check out Rob’s “color wheel.”

For those who prefer something a little closer to home, I give you Jennifer Bartley, who, while shilling for Osmocote plant food, gives us another tutorial, this one, specifically, about growing an edible container garden. And yes, she’s stateside.

For a garden store near you, check out, one of the 11 nearby Home Depots or an area Lowes. Find your next apartment with Apartment Showcase and get the gardening started!

Scott D

Scott D

Scott is a local writer and has been with the Apartment Showcase blog since its inception in 2010.

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