Futons for the Post-Collegiate Apartment Renter


Double duty: Sofa by day, bed by night, the versatile futon is a smart solution for the challenges of small-space living. (beketchai via Flickr)

Do people think futons and college kids go together?

According to Apartment Therapy, they do. And the site has written an article to help broaden the unique piece of furniture’s appeal, naming seven great futons for grown-ups to place in their homes.

The prices on here go from steep to Everest, at least, I would suspect, for my readers. The Zeal Deluxe Daybed from CB2 (has a “Star Wars” ring to it, no?) can be had for $899, while the Daybed from MC&CO goes for a pocketbook-kicking $3,600.

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“Yeah, instead of that trip to Germany, we went and got a futon. It was worth every penny. Strudel’s overrated, and I can drive as fast as I want to on the Dulles Toll Road.”

Truthfully, look at it though. Berlin or a couch that looks like it’s made of plywood? This daybed makes the silliest of modern art look valuable.

Now, what is a futon exactly? Some people might not know. Its lineage is Japanese and traditionally, it refers to the actual pliable mattress, not the couch it lays on. But these days, people more or less think of a futon as a couch that converts to a bed. My friends had one, and they are a neat, utilitarian piece of furniture to own. Some of them can be awful tasteful-looking as well.

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Here is a good resource for would-be futon buyers. And we can’t forget our friends at Amazon, who have some very affordable specimens. Finally, Futon Planet is also a great store/resource.

A caveat: Prices and information may’ve changed slightly since a couple of these articles were published, but if so, they’re still excellent recourses as you search for the futon of your dreams.

Sleep well, Capitol Hill apartment renters.

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