How to Keep Your Apartment Warm Without Burning Up Your Budget


Lovin’ the oven: Baking can be a tasty way to drive up the temperature in your apartment on particularly cold days. Fridge full? Just throw your baked goods into the freezer for later. (M.Markus via Flickr)

At, we like to cast a wide net in so far as apartment living advice is concerned, and we’re surely not averse to going extracontinental for some practical ideas.

Whether you pay for your digs with the pound, euro or yen, apartment renting is, get this, apartment renting. Don’t tell anyone. An apartment in Dupont Circle is a lot like one in London, only there it’s likely called a flat.

Here then is A Thrifty Mrs., all the way from Manchester, with tips to keep you warm in the winter while saving you a pound or two. With Ricky Hatton retired and Oasis disbanded, maybe A Thrifty Mrs. is the latest thing from Manchester?

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Loyal readers will recall a shorter, keep-warm-in-the-winter-without-breaking-the-bank post back in February, but this one is a bit more expansive.

Here are most of her suggestions, along with my spin on her take, or some amalgamation thereof:

Common sense clothing – She’s right, it’s kinda dumb to be complaining about being cold standing barefoot on a wooden floor wearing a T-shirt. Wear some freaking sweatpants, socks (which I hate to wear, honestly) and a sweatshirt or fleece over the T. She claims layers are better than one thick garment. For conserving heat, she’s probably right.

Do something – Instead of lying on the couch watching the telly, get up once in a while. It doesn’t have to be a full workout (though some limited exercise will work wonders where blood flow is concerned), but something as simple as cleaning, decluttering or doing the two-step (and ah, something else I can’t list here that’s significantly more fun) while listening to the Dave Clark Five or whoever floats your particular boat (and I can almost bet it’s anyone but the Dave Clark Five).

Cook up a storm – Pretty self-explanatory. Get in the kitchen and cook something. She suggests baking something to fill your freezer. Yes, it will warm the rest of the apartment a bit, especially a smaller one. Hey, if anything, fill up a kettle and make a cup of tea every couple of hours.

Unblock – Maybe one you hadn’t immediately thought of. Make sure that your heat ducts or radiators aren’t blocked or covered.

Open and close – Open the curtains during daylight, close them at night.

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Close the doors – It’s always the obvious ones that get you. Close the door already! Even if you love your neighbors, something tells me if you live in an apartment building, it will probably be warmer inside your place than out in the hallway, particularly if you live in an older building. If you live in a garden apartment, I don’t even have to tell you to shut the door.

Bottle your warmth – Use your imagination.

Stop draughts – You say “tomato,” I say “tomahto.” The Brits like this word, but stateside we tend to go with “drafts.” She didn’t give much advice here, so I’ll point you to a better site for tips on preventing drafts. Large sheets of clear plastic, duct tape, thick disposable blankets and a stapler are involved … only not this kind of stapler. Think of the Home Depot and Lowe’s kind.

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Scott D

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