Give It a Rest: 5 Pillows to Help You Sleep Better


Sweet dreams are made of this: The best pillows — from traditional down filling to fancy foam or gel — offer plenty of cushion, ensuring that your head and neck are aligned throughout the night. (memory-mattress via Flickr)

Ah, a good night’s sleep. What we all need to be productive, well-rested and happy.

People talk about comfortable mattresses till the cows come home, or in this case, until the sheep get counted, but often ignore another integral sleepy-time surface: the pillow. Or pillow quality. And really, whether you call Ellicott City or Adams Morgan home, who among us doesn’t like that feeling of first putting our head down on a soft surface, knowing the day (or night) is finally over (for some us anyway)?

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But what makes a pillow great? Well, there are people out there who rate such ineffable questions, folks like, who give us their top picks in five categories. Yes, there are five categories for pillows. It does sound pretty excessive. But we’ll take it for a good night of zzzz.

Below are the winners, along with the Amazon price at the time of writing (excepting their Best Body Pillow, which is sold at Walmart). As always, look around for the best price.

And here is their buying guide.

1. Best Down Pillow

Pacific Coast Double DownAround Medium Pillow
Current Price: $58.19

2. Best Synthetic Gel Pillow

Sleep Better Beyond Down Synthetic Down Side Sleeper Bed Pillow
Current Price: $32.27

3. Best Synthetic Memory-Foam Pillow

Serta iComfort Contour Pillow
Current Price:  $81.99

4. Best Anti-Allergy Pillow

AllerEase Hot Water Washable Allergy Protection Pillow
Current Price: $23.04

5. Best Body Pillow

200-Thread Count Body Pillow
Current Price: $17.47 (It’s currently listed as currently out of stock on Walmart’s site).

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  • Pillows are contributes great part in comfortable sleeping. These five best pillows are indeed very good for better sleeping. I really enjoyed learning about these five pillows and wanted to say I’ve been using best anti allergy pillow long time and it’s good for me so far. Thanks.