I Bought a Dyson and I’ll Never Go Back

Dyson vacuum in dining room

My amazing Dyson Animal V6

I’ve been tossing around the idea for years now about buying a Dyson vacuum cleaner, but the price tag had always been far too intimidating to take the plunge. Well, after my trusty Bissell needed yet another belt replacement, I decided enough is enough and I bit the bullet. I spent almost $300 on a vacuum cleaner and I’m never going back!

“Why?,” you ask. “Was it worth it?” “Couldn’t you just get the belt replaced?” All valid questions that I mulled over in my mind time and time again until I decided to take adulting to the next level and upped my cleaning game. I had been using the exact same vacuum cleaner since college – a Bissell Powerforce that had carried me through 4 apartments and my current home for over a decade. It was a trusty cleaning machine that was great with pet hair and I had no complaints about its performance, but after living in a 2 story home for quite some time, now it has just proven too heavy to lug up and down the stairs. Not to mention, I was sick of those messy bags that always seemed to fill up way too quickly and wanted my next machine to be bagless.

In waltzes my Dyson V6 Animal Cord-free Vacuum, like a neat freak prince on a shiny, white horse paving the way for cat-hair-free hallways and dander-less floors. I’m in heaven. This thing picks up clumps of pet fur like a dream and is great on carpet and reliable for my laminate floors as well. It makes me look forward to vacuuming rather than dreading it! I don’t have to carry a 50 lb. machine up and down the stairs, but can detach the long neck extension and use to clean the stairs as a handheld. Ah, be still my heart. This vacuum has an amazing turn radius and is compact enough for those hard to reach places. Another perk I didn’t factor in was the fact that since it’s cordless and so lightweight, it’s great for vacuuming out my car!

If you got some extra cash to spare and are in desperate need of a lightweight vacuum that gets the job done, invest in a Dyson.


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Kristen Reynolds

Kristen Reynolds

Kristen is a digital marketer and enjoys coffee, dogs, and writing in her free time. Follow @kreynoldsmedia on Twitter for more.

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