Shirlington’s Signature Theatre Takes Lead Role in Area Arts Scene

Signature Theatre

Acting up: The Signature, which looms strikingly on Campbell Avenue, offers a variety of productions but places conspicuous emphasis on classic musicals. (Google)

Signature Theatre sure had humble beginnings – literally.

What is now a firmly established theatrical venue used to produce musicals in a converted auto garage. Since 2007, they’ve shared a building with the Shirlington Library at The Village at Shirlington shopping center in Arlington and regularly draw 80,000 patrons each season, with nary a customer asking for a tune-up or an oil change.

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“Today, Signature Theatre broadens and brightens the region’s cultural landscape with its bold productions of challenging new and established works.” Sounds a little like what we’re doing here at the Apartment Showcase blog: broadening and brightening the region’s cultural landscape while showing you where you can rent a home.

What? I’m full of it? Well, I never! OK, but you can’t say we aren’t providing pertinent information and, at the very least, are kinda sorta entertaining you … a little? Please? You’re breaking my heart here!

OK, I snapped out of that compliment-fishing expedition, and now we can concentrate on why you seem to like Signature Theatre better than my writing.

Signature Theatre is very decorated, having received 276 Helen Hayes Award nominations and corralling 70 of the awards themselves. After two decades of productions, last year Signature even won the biggie for a venue its size, the 2009 Regional Theatre Tony Award. Currently showing at the Signature is “Walter Cronkite Is Dead,” while a little later in the calendar comes “Sunset Boulevard” and “Side By Side By Sondheim.” This last musical is particularly apt, as the Signature prides itself on its Stephen Sondheim productions.

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Wanna try your hand at acting or singing? Signature Theatre features the Signature School, which offers a variety of classes in acting, singing and dance. The classes are open to students of all ages and experience levels. So don’t worry, a bunch of other people will look just as silly as you will.

The Signature also features Signature in the Schools. Founded in 1995, the program, according to its website, “uses theatre to open minds and broaden the viewpoints of local teens while engaging them in a positive and creative experience.” Lofty goals to be sure. Pay a visit to Shirlington’s premier theatrical venue at:

Signature Theatre
4200 Campbell Ave.
Arlington, VA 22206

The Village at Shirlington is very theater-friendly, as it offers drama nerds, er, cultured types the Synetic Family Theater.

So if theater is your bag, you may want to think about using Apartment Showcase to help you with finding an apartment in Shirlington.

Scott D

Scott D

Scott is a local writer and has been with the Apartment Showcase blog since its inception in 2010.

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