Author: Jordan McElwain


Fun Coasters that your Guests will Notice (and Use)

Whether your furniture is new or old, you’ll want to protect it from the dreaded rings made by different drinks over the years. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get guests to use coasters without sounding naggy, but we’ve rounded...


A Complete List of all of the Breweries in DC

There are a bunch of articles out there for the best breweries in DC or the top breweries in the DMV, but where’s the complete list of breweries for those of us who want to decide which one is the...

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Tips for Dealing with Noisy Neighbors and Street Noise

When it comes to noisy neighbors, whether they’re stomping around upstairs, playing loud music below you, or hitting snooze on their alarm clock in the room wall-adjacent to yours, they can cause a lot of stress. Street noise is also...