Giving It Our Best Shot: Where to Watch the NCAA Tournament

Crystal City Sports Pub

Screen acres: The Crystal City Sports Pub houses more than 100 TVs, including one 10-foot projection monster on the upper level. (DC Social Sports Club via Flickr)

It’s that time of year again: March Madness, where basketball fans’ passions are inflamed, and CBS (and TBS/TNT/tru) does its level best to fuel their zest by airing as many games as they can.

This is the NCAA men’s basketball tournament’s 75th year.

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By the time you read this, Selection Sunday will be just around the corner. With the Maryland Terrapins recently losing to the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (not to mention dropping three of their last four regular-season games), things are becoming even more dire concerning their chances to make the Big Dance. But just the fact that they’re on the bubble is a feat in itself, coming off a year that saw first-year coach Mark Turgeon (who replaced Maryland legend Gary Williams) struggle to rebuild the team. He also lost ACC leading scorer Terrell Stoglin this year (suspended after last season for violating the school’s rules governing student athletes. Stoglin is now playing professionally in Greece).

The other big-time area team, Georgetown of the Big East (a conference some may call Little East these days), will not only make the tourney but also likely draw a high seed.

Anyway, no matter who makes it (check out ESPN’s take on who gets in), there are those fans who just love basketball and like nothing better than to down a few beers and eat some wings while watching the Madness with a bunch of likewise friends. That some of these Joes are inebriated know-it-alls doesn’t take away from the fun factor of watching: It’s a needed escape for some. There’s nothing quite like the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship.

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Well, in that spirit, here is a list of great places to watch the tournament from the Washington Post. They include the Pour House in Capitol Hill, Rhino Bar & Pumphouse in Georgetown, Caddies on Cordell in Bethesda and the Crystal City Sports Pub in … I think you can figure where that one is.

I’ll also throw in Capitol Hill’s Capitol Lounge. Yeah, this isn’t much of a sports bar, but I don’t care: It’s one of the best bars in Washington, D.C. If you rent an apartment on the Hill and imbibe, you have to come here. The Capitol Lounge is laid back, and the downstairs – the best place to watch a game – is sometimes bereft of too many people (hallelujah! But it still has enough for atmosphere, plus a pool table and a bar). And the homey, comfy ambiance adds to the experience.

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