6 Reasons to Rent an Apartment in Capitol Hill

Eastern Market

Let’s do lunch: Hungry shoppers refuel at Market Lunch, a popular eatery nestled inside the South Hall of Eastern Market. (NCinDC via Flickr)

Most neighborhoods have their charm and idiosyncrasies that make them special. One such Washington, D.C., neighborhood has all that and more, along with the cachet of being at the seat of world power: Capitol Hill.

Oh yes, leafy streets, stately (and expensive) townhomes, and lucky for you, apartments for rent. Here are six reasons to rent here.

1. Location – Yes, this neighborhood is named after the United States Capitol. That makes this neighborhood sort of special, as in, it’s named after the United States Capitol, which it contains! You don’t get much more special than that.

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2. Location #2 – OK, now the (justifiable) hyperbole is out of the way. This really is a great location for the renter. It boasts three Metrorail stops on two lines (Red, Blue/Orange) spread over the Northeast (one) and Southeast (two) quadrants; it’s close enough to downtown to walk there (40 minutes, depending on where you live in the neighborhood, and you can always Metrorail back); and best yet, if you live in the Northeast portion, it gives you a pretty clear shot to U.S. Route 50, which leads to I-495/ I-95, or out to Annapolis. Try getting out of the city that easily in some of the other District neighborhoods, especially to Maryland.

3. History – Aside from the Capitol building, Capitol Hill is also the site of the Supreme Court of United States, the Library of Congress and the Folger Shakespeare Library, which, while not exactly historic (but it’s no spring chicken, either), holds and upholds some unique Western history of its own.

4. Convenience/Walkability – Like peanut butter and jelly, these two go together. Capitol Hill is festooned with corner markets (when I lived there anyway), home to its share of dry cleaners (according to memory and Google maps), liquor stores and used bookstores, but it also has a great selection of bars, restaurants, coffee establishments and at least two nice bakeries. Plus, its slower pace, pure beauty and good selection of parks make it a joy to walk around in. It is the definition of walkable. Throw in the previously mentioned Metrorail stops, and you begin to see what I’m talking about. Of course, I’m leaving out two biggies, which I’ll get to below…

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5. Union Station – Opened in 1907 and finished in 1908, Union Station bills itself as the top tourist destination in the city, and if its claim of 32 million visitors each year is correct, it would be hard to top, even in this city of attractions. The reason for its popularity is simple: There’s no other place like it in Washington, D.C., a destination where you can get lunch or dinner, shop for a variety of clothes and gifts, grab a latte, buy some vodka, take Metrorail to another part of the District or Amtrak out of the city, or just people watch. This is one Beaux-Arts beauty that lives up to its name. Union Station is massive, gorgeous and unique (and yes, there’s some discussion if it’s really located in Capitol Hill, but we say yes).

6. Eastern Market/The Flea Market at Eastern Market – Again, in a neighborhood with unique offerings, this one is no slouch. Open all week except Monday, Eastern Market offers up fresh vegetables, fruit, cheese, meats and flowers for the shopper, but during the weekend, it explodes with life and many different vendors hawking objets d’art and crafts, in addition to food. The Flea Market at Eastern Market sidekick on Sunday offers more of the same and even furniture, antiques, clothes and a bunch of other stuff. There’s no place like it in the city.

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Scott D

Scott D

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