Celebrate Oktoberfest All Year Long at Capitol Hill’s Biergarten Haus

Biergarten Haus

Haus party: Diners and drinkers mingle on the outdoor patio, which boasts an upper level as well. (Joshua Reid via Flickr)

I gotta hand it to Biergarten Haus in the H Street Corridor near Capitol Hill. In all my time blogging (please, someone rescue me with a sinecure somewhere warm, with cool tropical breezes and enough money that I can buy the expensive stuff just because I can), this may be the most pithy About Us page I’ve surfed into (other than the ones that were blank; I’ve surely had a few of those).

Located at 1355 H St NE, the Biergarten Haus serves up authentic German food and beer in a charming setting.

[Cut to a picture of a bartender filling a pitcher of beer at the tap.]

Since opening in June 2010, the Biergarten Haus has been extremely busy.


Either Biergarten Haus is trying to be the ’10s Ramones with their ridiculous minimalism, have an inchoate Web team, or they’re so confident in their product they’ll let the food and bier speak for themselves. Well, we’ll play along. [ Related: 6 Reasons to Rent an Apartment in Capitol Hill ] As this is the month of October, the restaurant/bar is celebrating Oktoberfest until the 13 imported beers they brought in run out, so this is the time you’ll want to hit it. The bier list is about as Teutonic as they come, with 18 different types listed (I believe this doesn’t take into account the selection you’ll have during Oktoberfest), including ones with such mystifying names as Weihenstephaner Korbinian, Paulaner Pils, Konig Ludwig Hefeweizen and Julius Echter Hefe Weizen. No word if Beethoven was a fan of the Konig or if a certain Caesar inspired the bier listed after it. And just in case you were wondering, the site states that yes, they have a full stock of liquor as well. The food menu is just as German, with a lot of meat (wurstplatten, schnitzelgerichte) and sauerkraut, and even two vegetarian selections. [ Related: Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Maryland Renaissance Festival Holds Court This Month ] Click on the reservations link for the hours of operation (down at the bottom). Along with German beer, the outdoor patio is the unique feature at this bar – this being a biergarten – with tables situated under umbrellas. And there are at least two wall-mounted TVs to watch out here if you strike out. Weather permitting, Biergarten Haus also features live music. At this point in your life, apartment renter or non, you probably know if German fare is for you. But on a night out in the H Street Corridor, stopping by here for the brews and a little action is a good idea.

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Scott D

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