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Real life stories and firsthand experiences from local apartment dwellers.

Noise sign (Alan Levine via Flickr)

How to Deal With a Noisy Roommate

A little while ago we dealt with noisy neighbors. This time we deal with noisy roommates. Here’s the skinny. You met Kevin on a roommate-needed list at your college. Hey, what the heck, you think, couldn’t be any worse than...

The Home Office

Creating a Home Office That Really Works

There is a new and wonderful wave of young entrepreneurs in the D.C. area. I love being able to consider myself a  part of it, and I feel like D.C. is finally ready to embrace this generation of innovative, creative...


Creating a Contemporary, Mid-Century Modern Look at Home

It’s the style that everyone wants today. It’s everywhere. It’s fun and quirky, vintage yet modern, and shockingly very comfortable despite the small-scale of many mid-century modern pieces. Mid-century. The middle of the century. 1900 to 1999. So, 1930s to...

Party (gabia party via Flickr)

House Party

I recently attended a wedding celebration for my cousin and his new wife. Being back together with my huge (huge as in 40+ cousins) family has only reminded me more of how loud, entertaining, and FUN they are. When we...

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Color Games

One of my most requested projects from clients is a color consultation. It is one of the first steps to a home re-style so it’s totally overwhelming when you aren’t used to it. If you have a large room, or many...