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If you’re trying to make the most out of your space then brush up on your interior design tips and new trends.

wall art

5 Websites to Buy Personalized Wall Art

Want to spice up your living space with some wall art? Below is a list of sites that offered personalized wall art for anyone with a specific idea in mind. Minted Minted has a variety of options to choose from...

color psychology

How to Use Color Psychology in Your Apartment

Color psychology is based on the different emotional and mental effects that different colors have on us. While different colors can have different meanings depending on your culture and experiences, generally speaking, the main colors have similar effects for residents...

small closet

How To Make The Most Of Your Small Closet

Small closets may not be a deal breaker when choosing an apartment, but come move in day, they can be a nightmare if you don’t have enough room to store your stuff. When you’re dealing with small closet space, you...

Versatile Seating

Versatile Seating Options For Your Small Apartment

Everyone can have a seat at your table. One of the biggest struggles of living in a small apartment is finding ample room to entertain and seat people. On one hand, you want enough storage and living space for you,...

Couple carrying armchair up stairs

When is it Time to Buy New Furniture?

We’ve all been unhappy with our furniture at some point. Whether you’re hanging on to hand-me-down furniture from your parents’ old guest room, old college dorm furniture, or even the furniture you bought for your first apartment, you probably won’t...


Sectionals Designed for Apartment Living

Finding a sectional that will fit perfectly into your apartment can be a challenge. Finding one that you can change and rearrange can be even harder. We’ve found three great options for customizable sectionals for your apartment. We’ve also rounded...