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If you’re trying to make the most out of your space then brush up on your interior design tips and new trends.

Girl working at Laptop Computer in Her Home

How to Set Up a Home Office in an Apartment

While the concept of working from home might’ve seemed positively futuristic not too long ago, today it has become a widespread phenomenon across many industries. What’s more, as comprehensive studies show that this type of arrangement actually leads to a...

Plants for your apartment

Best Plants for Your Apartment

I am one who is very hard on plants whether they be outdoor or indoor. I also have a small living space and don’t have a lot of room for plants sitting around. I decided to try some hanging plants...

Oscar Party Games and Trivia

Tips for Throwing an Oscar Party

After Christmas and New Year’s there’s a lag in excitement, especially for singletons. But have no fear; the Oscars are coming again this year on February 26, 2017. What better reason to throw a party in your apartment than to...

Easy Storage Option

Storage Tips for Small Apartments

Decorating your new apartment should be fun but concerns about lack of storage can hinder this. Don’t keep your winter clothes or book collection in cardboard boxes left over from your move when there are so many easy and creative...