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Finding an apartment can be hard. Learn how others have gotten through it and what you can expect to encounter in the process.

new years

New Years Resolution Inspiration

Don’t know what to make your New Year’s Resolution this year? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Below is a list of ideas to help you decide what a possible New Year’s resolution could be. Fitness If you attempt...

Sandy Beaches at Sherando Lake

Weekend Excursion: Beautiful Fall Foliage Road Trips

Like to travel? This fall, catch some breathtaking scenic views while navigating from destination to destination in Virginia! Skyline Drive | Shenandoah Nat’l Park Take a trip down Skyline Drive to get a good view of some beautiful scenery. Skyline Drive...


8 Foods You Can Eat For An Energy Boost

Need a new pick-me-up besides coffee? The foods below will be sure to give you an energy boost any time of day. Water Water aids our bodies by helping digestion move along. In other words, it helps dissolve fats and soluble fiber....


Fun Coasters that your Guests will Notice (and Use)

Whether your furniture is new or old, you’ll want to protect it from the dreaded rings made by different drinks over the years. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get guests to use coasters without sounding naggy, but we’ve rounded...

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Tips for Dealing with Noisy Neighbors and Street Noise

When it comes to noisy neighbors, whether they’re stomping around upstairs, playing loud music below you, or hitting snooze on their alarm clock in the room wall-adjacent to yours, they can cause a lot of stress. Street noise is also...


How to Organize Your Personal Den

Could your personal den be looking better? Time to organize! Have your personal den looking more organized and comfier than ever with these organizational tips. A personal den is where you can lay back and relax. Whether your personal den...