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Advice for living with our furry friends in an apartment setting.

Making Apartment Living with a Pet Easy

Making Apartment Living with a Pet Easy

Even though you love them, dealing with pets in an apartment can be pesky sometimes. Between the feeding, walking, cleaning up after, etc., taking care of a pet can be a lot of work. But with these handy-dandy pet items,...


Should You Get a Pet for Your Apartment?

If you are on the fence about wanting to get a pet for your apartment then you should probably consider checking with your landlord or property management company first to see if pets are allowed. In most apartment homes pets are allowed,...

exotic fish

Reasons Why Fish are Good for Your Soul

Want some relaxation, good energy, and just an overall calming lifestyle? Perhaps having a few fish in your home will help you find all of the above. Before you go to the pet store to purchase a fish, ask your...


Unique Small Pets Suitable for an Apartment

Not a cat or dog lover? Check out our picks for other alternative pets below. The Furry: Hamster Looking for something handheld and cute overload-worthy? Hamsters can be a good alternative to cats or kittens. These little animals are usually...

Licorice for adoption: City Dogs Rescue & City Kitties Facebook Page

Some Amazing Animal Rescues in the DMV

The following are some rescue organizations in the DMV that do incredible work to find forever homes for homeless or abandoned animals. Most follow the same general process for adoption – an adopter can look online to find a pet they...