Go Fish: Sushi-Ko Lands on List of D.C.’s Top Restaurants

Marinated squid gunkan sushi

Raw deal: Sushi-Ko specializes in putting a modern spin on traditional Japanese fare. Above, a dish of marinated squid gunkan sushi. (avlxyz via Flickr)

Sushi-Ko has quite a distinction: It’s the city’s oldest sushi restaurant, first opening in November 1976, making it more than 35 years old.

Today, it has two locations, one in Glover Park in Northwest and another in Chevy Chase. Both locations made Washingtonian Magazine’s list of the “100 Very Best Restaurants” for 2011. Here is the Washingtonian’s review.

Another unique feature of Sushi-Ko is that it has an ethos page (and they’re not even Greek!). Here, they tell us they practice something called “the ‘cuisine of subtraction.’” Further, they state it’s “the underlying principle of our entire operation, serving as the foundation in everything from the selection of materials to the design of our restaurant’s interior.”

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OK, that’s a bit esoteric, but we’ll take their word for it. And this “cuisine of subtraction” seems to be working, given both the aforementioned ranking from the Washingtonian and these positive 2008 write-ups in The Washington Post, featuring the Chevy Chase location.

View Larger Map Sushi-Ko Glover Park
2309 Wisconsin Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20007

Along with sushi, Sushi-Ko also serves up salads, soups, small dishes and a variety of hot dishes, including chicken yakitori, grilled baby octopus, rock shrimp tempura and seared lobster, among others.

Here is their menu.

I’m not going to pretend I know the nuances of raw fish; I only know I like to eat it. And something tells me you do too if you’re still reading this post.

Expect to pay around $30 per person at Sushi-Ko for food, and add another $10 or so if you knock back a couple, which many will.

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Probably to frustrate editors, there are different hours of operation for each Sushi-Ko, and the differences can be quite persnickety. Just click the contact link at the bottom of their site to view the hours. They are open every day at both locales; the main differences seem to be that Glover Park doesn’t serve lunch on weekends and stays open a little later than its Chevy Chase sibling.

One thing they do have in common: They’re both located on Wisconsin Avenue.

The Chevy Chase location is a short stroll from Metro’s Friendship Heights station on the Red Line.

The Glover Park site isn’t very close to a Metro station, but depending where you rent an apartment or if you’re a walker, you could certainly make the trot on foot. Become a renter by finding a place on Apartment Showcase. 

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