Come Out and Enjoy Vegan Victuals in Clarksville

Fresh Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Cut the crop: At Great Sage, you’ll find only delicious, plant-based food, much of which is produced by local organic farmers. (Ned Raggett via Flickr)

Yes, you’re an apartment renter who bleeds green and … well, does something else granola. And you like your food natural, even vegan, but you’re living out in Columbia and not in the city.

What’s the health-conscious, trendy renter to do?

He or she goes to Great Sage in nearby Clarksville, that’s what they do. Great Sage is a vegan wonderland and part of Conscious Corner, a group of establishments that conscientiously tell you how to live!

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I ate at Great Sage, and it’s really good. It can be a bit expensive, but you get what you pay for. The restaurant has garnered a lot of press and awards, and it’s about the crunchiest thing this side of a supersized pretzel in the Jolly Green Giant’s mouth. I’ve enlisted Columbia resident and lay natural chef Karolina Tittel to tout its wonders.

Although I am a carnivore, I love to experiment with raw vegan cuisine, and Great Sage is on board with me on that. They offer fantastic, diverse gourmet vegan and raw vegan cuisine. So, don’t expect a chunk of meat or dairy but perhaps a twist of flavors that can surprisingly mimic them. Moreover, their menu changes seasonally, and most of it is adaptable to anyone who cannot handle the kick of gluten, soy or nuts. Basically, many of the dishes can be customized to the client’s needs and wants. Lately, my favorite ones are Vietnamese spring rolls, black bean and roasted corn quesadilla, roasted vegetable wrap, raw California salad, raw zucchini Alfredo and Indian red lentil curry.

The staff is very laid back, helpful and friendly. Some of them have become my close friends.

I love Thursday nights there with live music. Here, for a few hours, suburban Clarksville turns into an urban extravaganza as one loses oneself in fabulous food and connects with people while listening to classic or contemporary songs. Some very talented artists perform here, like two of my favorites, Momentary Prophets and Bo Lozoff.

What’s also impressive about Great Sage is that it’s part of Conscious Corner, a group that supports organic farms, small businesses, artisans and socially responsible companies. In addition, they host benefits in support of animal welfare.

But most importantly, I recommend Great Sage for anyone who loves to eat!

Karolina Tittel is a graduate architecture student and wellness consultant living in Columbia.

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Scott D

Scott D

Scott is a local writer and has been with the Apartment Showcase blog since its inception in 2010.

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  • Thanks for the wonderful write up about Great Sage! As a manager here at the restaurant we love providing our guests with both healthy creative vegan food and a wonderful atmosphere! We cherish our regulars and locals who join us and are enthused to meet travelers, new vegans and those who make the slightly longer drive from DC, Annapolis and Baltimore! We feel we are nestled in between a variety of wonderful cities and end up meeting great people this way. Our menu changes seasonally and we hold prix-fixe dinners every few months and benefit days for non-profit organizations one Sunday out of each month. I would be happy to answer anyone’s questions, always love talking about vegan food! We are always looking for bloggers as well, please contact me if you are interested.