Romantic Decorating Ideas

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It’s no surprise that Valentine’s Day is all about romance. We often seek out romantic experiences and atmospheres away from home, but it’s possible to create a romantic setting at home through design.

Here are a few simple tips for creating a romantic home environment that you can enjoy all year long.

Pick a color. Color sets the tone in a space. Bold colors like deep red, black, violet and gold tones create romantic feelings. Paint an accent wall or incorporate these colors in furnishings and textiles. Pantone, the authority on color, recently declared marsala as the 2015 Color of the Year. This earthy wine tone will add elegance to any room.

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Think about textures. There are various fabrics and materials that inspire romance. Delicate fabrics like lace and linen inspire romantic feelings. Velvet drapes add a luxurious touch to a room. Spice things up by placing fur throws or pillows on a sofa. Romantic rooms aren’t complete without a little bling. Add shiny decorative pieces throughout your space in gold, silver, clear glass and metallic finishes. Lamps with gold or brass trim, silver picture frames or shiny metal curios work well.

Brighten things up. Don’t rely on overhead lighting to set the mood. Accent lighting like table lamps and wall sconces, and accessories such as a dimmer switch create ambiance. Play around with candlelight, mirrors and other reflective surfaces. Incorporate a jazzy chandelier in the bedroom or foyer of your apartment. Drape string lights across headboards, bookcases, or door frames.

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Appeal to the senses. Fond memories are linked to smells. Make your home smell wonderful with scented candles or fragrant floral arrangements. Spray your bedding with scented mist. My favorite scents are vanilla, jasmine and lavender. They each have an alluring aroma.

Focus on the bed. A well-dressed bed enhances passion. Invest in quality, silk or satin bed linens that match your décor. Furniture in Victorian, Tuscan or Mediterranean styles works well in romantic-themed rooms. Explore floral patterns for a nice feminine touch. Framed prints with messages of love are another way to infuse your space with romance.

Hopefully, these tips will inspire you to add a dose of romance to your next apartment. Happy decorating!

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