Spring Decorating Trends You’ve Got To Try This Season

Like the fashion industry, each season ushers in new decorating trends to incorporate into your home. Some trends are ideal for massive renovations, but there are plenty of ways to update your apartment without completely starting over. Who has the budget for that, right?

Here are the spring trends that I’m going gaga over and that you can easily sprinkle throughout your space for an invigorating new look.

Trend #1: Mix and Match Metals

When it comes to decorating with metals, pretty much anything goes. Gone are the days when everything in a room had to be the same exact finish – all polished chrome or brass. It’s totally acceptable now to mix oil-rubbed, bronze cabinet knobs with a gold chandelier.

Trend #2: Statement Plants

There was a time when tiny succulents were all the rage, but lately I have seen an increase in indoor tropical plants on the blogosphere. Large cactus plants add an exotic feel to a space, and they’re low maintenance. Snake Plants and Elephant Ears are also two of my personal favorites.

(Decor8 holly via Flickr)

Trend #3: Geometric Black and White

Together, black and white create a classic combination that has huge impact in a room when used with bold lines. Consider hanging a black-and-white framed print on the wall above a console table in an entryway. A small grouping of black-and-white ceramic vases will add life to any drab surface.

Trend #4: Oversize Art

Gallery walls have dominated the interior design world for the past five years. They can be seen everywhere – living room, entryway, kitchen, powder room and bedroom. I’m so happy to see this trend go. Before you head out to your local Michaels to purchase 8 to 10 frames in different sizes, consider hanging a piece of oversize art on the wall. Supersize canvas art and framed photography prints are the new “it” accessory for walls.

Trend #5: Bold, Bright Colors

Refresh your apartment with bright hues. Spring color trends include different shades of blue, punchy oranges, pastel yellows and vibrant greens. For maximum impact, look for these colors as an accent in artwork, throw pillows or rugs.

What’s your favorite spring trend?

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Danielle A. Gray

Danielle A. Gray

Washington, DC based interior designer, blogger and creative force behind Gray Livin', a home interiors brand inspiring cool people to live soulfully with style. To schedule a design consultation, please visit: www.graylivin.com

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