Apartment Decorating Ideas That Won’t Violate Your Lease

Decorating an apartment depends on the property manager, as some do not allow tenants to make significant changes. You may be prohibited from painting or putting up wallpaper. As such, you should probably check your rental agreement before decorating. If no provision in the rental agreement permits decoration, check with your property manager. You may find that they are amenable to your decorating ideas.

But even if you don’t get permission, remember that there are still plenty of little tricks that you can do to personalize your living space. Taking advantage of your space is key when decorating your apartment. Any open space is an opportunity to add your personal touch. Every room in your apartment can be decorated and personalized. Here are some great tips for taking advantage of your space and adding flare to your surroundings.

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Against the Walls
Walls are the perfect places to add decoration. They are an open canvas for you to personalize. Most landlords will allow you to paint the walls as long as you return the walls to their original color before you leave. Even if you don’t want to paint your walls, there are other ways to add variety to your walls.

Posters and tapestries are an ideal alternative to painting your walls. There is a large selection of decorative cloths, posters and tapestries to customize your walls. Mirrors are another great option for decorating your walls. Adding a mirror can make your living space look bigger and can reflect light around the apartment, making it brighter.

Don’t Ignore Your Floor
Floors are great places to decorate with rugs. An accent rug can be placed on the floor to create a point of interest. You can color coordinate with your wall decorations or you can add a patterned rug to add depth to a room.

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Expand Your Canvas With a Piece of Furniture
Placing an end table or coffee table can add elegance to a room. There are many great tables to accent a room or give it character. Try a glass, wooden or metal table to add a unique centerpiece to your home. An unusual lamp is a great way to add flare to your table. Tables are the perfect way to add more space to decorate in your home.

Furniture will be placed on most of the floor. Couches, beds and entertainment stands are all ideal places to decorate. Beds are the perfect place to add color to your apartment. You can also add colorful cloths or blankets to the furniture. There are so many great ways to decorate the floor.

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Go Vertical With Hanging Decorations
Your ceiling is a good place to hang lanterns and stringers, or pin up posters and tapestries. Hanging Chinese lanterns can give your apartment an exotic feel. You can also hang bells, charms and many other unique items, or try changing your ordinary light bulbs to colored or black light bulbs.

When decorating your house, the only limit is your imagination. Take your favorite items, find a creative way to incorporate them into your living space and make your apartment feel more comfortable.

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