Big Decorating Ideas for Small Apartments

Decorating a house, with its large, open spaces, can be easy, but what happens if you need to decorate something smaller, like a one-bedroom apartment?

Small-space decorating can be challenging, but in this article we’ll share some ideas that will help you make the most of your space. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Storage
  • Floor Space
  • Furniture
  • Color

Storage is important when dealing with small spaces. You have to learn to use all open spaces. Another option is to try to use your furniture in more than one way. For example, you can use a living room table that doubles as a storage trunk, where you can store books and magazines.

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Seeing is believing: Use a wall mirror in your bedroom or living room to increase the virtual size of your apartment. (SDR Apartments via Flickr)

Seeing is believing: Use a wall mirror in your bedroom or living room to increase the virtual size of your apartment. (SDR Apartments via Flickr)

Floor Space
The way you arrange your furniture plays a big role in the amount of space you have left. It is best to survey the room and figure out how to make the room flow without devoting too much floor space to one piece of furniture. Consider removing or repurposing your end tables. Normally the only reason we use end tables is to hold lamps, pictures and occasionally a phone. All of these things can be hung on the wall, which will free up some valuable floor space.

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When you are dealing with a small space, it is important that you pick furniture that can fit in corners and will sit flush against the wall. As mentioned above, it is also great if you can pick furniture that serves more than one purpose. Try to eliminate any unnecessary furniture. If you never eat at your dining room table, then why keep it? Even if you have guests over, you can use folding TV tables that stow away. Who said that a living room has to have a couch and separate chairs? Consider a single sofa that consolidates your seating.

Whether you’re in a studio or three-bedroom apartment, the colors you use are critical to the perceived spaciousness of your home. Tones like light cream or white help to create the feeling of more space. Wall mirrors also help create space. Use a color wheel and do a little research into the effects of your favorite colors in order to create the atmosphere you are looking for.

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Saving space often comes down to the kind of furniture you choose and the ways in which you arrange it. And remember that less is more. Instead of giving the whole room a color scheme, consider going neutral and just adding splashes of color here and there.

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