6 Apartment Decorating Rules Worth Breaking

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When you’re decorating your apartment, do you ever feel restricted by that angel on your shoulder telling you “Do this, do that, paint the walls white, do not mix patterns, de-clutter, etc.”? What if we told you that sometimes you should listen to that red fella sitting on your left shoulder? If you’re renting an apartment it can be difficult to make the place feel like your own since in most cases, you’re not allowed to make major changes. Getting away from conventional decor rules and spicing it up is one way to infuse some of yourself into your apartment. So here it is, our tips for rebellious apartment décor.


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DO Mix Patterns

Most of the “conservative” decorators would advise you to keep your patterns at a minimum, especially if you’re decorating a small room. However, mixing patterns is on the up and up. Especially in a rented apartment, this is the perfect way to add some liveliness and freshness to the space without making major changes. Be sure to mix patterns in pairs that create a coherent look, though.


Go For the All Neutral Look

Neutrals have gotten a bad rap as being boring and this simply isn’t true.  Worse still, people think the only way to avoid the completely neutral look is by adding a so-called “pop of color”. Accent color is fine, but it’s not mandatory, and sometimes, you’d just feel better and more relaxed in an airy, neutral space. To make things a bit more interesting, use different fabrics, textures, or shades of the same color.


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DO Mix Metals

Mixing silver and gold is a big no-no in the fashion world, but does it have to be in the décor realm? Simply speaking, no. Bronze, silver, gold, brass, and copper can complement each other when used in the same space. For the best effect, mix cool metals, like silver, with warm metals, like brass and bronze.


Use Large Furniture

Living in a condo does not mean that you should avoid using bulky pieces of furniture. You might think that smaller pieces save space, but they can actually create clutter and be pretty uncomfortable. Instead, get one large piece, such as a sectional sofa. To make the space look even bigger, use a patterned area rug and a small table.


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Make the Room Multifunctional

A clean and streamlined way of decorating would demand that each room has its function and be styled accordingly. However, when you live in an apartment, multipurpose rooms are a must. Feel free to add a home office to your living room or a baby room in your bedroom. To keep some semblance of separation, use different colors and furniture styles in the different sections.



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Mix Old and New

Sometimes apartments already come with an established style. If you move into an old building, don’t feel like you have to avoid that modernist decor you love. Instead of going with the flow, try doing something unexpected – add a modern piece to a retro apartment or include a vintage element in a modern condo.


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Living in an apartment doesn’t have to be cramped and limited as you may think. Make your condo fabulous by refusing to follow décor rules blindly and finding your own style.


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By Chloe Taylor

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