Storage Tips for Small Apartments

Decorating your new apartment should be fun but concerns about lack of storage can hinder this. Don’t keep your winter clothes or book collection in cardboard boxes left over from your move when there are so many easy and creative ways to store your belongings, no matter how small your apartment is. Here are my tips for creating storage in small apartments:

Beautiful Design

Removable Hooks in Use


Under the Bed

The easiest place to store stuff so that it’s out of the way and out of sight is in boxes under your bed. To maximize this space, get bed risers. To avoid constantly having to kneel down and pull stuff out, store items that you won’t use every day, like Christmas decorations, sweaters, and other seasonal items.


Removable Hooks

If you’re renting your apartment, especially for a short period of time, you may not be allowed to drill holes in the wall. If you still want to hang up jackets, keys, and more, try using removable hooks. They can hold a surprising amount of weight and come off the wall cleanly. They are also very inexpensive. Hanging stuff on the wall is a good use of vertical space and saves precious floor space.

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Shower Caddies

Shower caddies take advantage of vertical space in the bathroom. If you don’t have much room around the sink or in cabinets, shower caddies can keep all of you shower products organized.

Useful Shower Organizer

The Zenna Home 7446SS, Expandable Over-the-Showerhead Caddy has many compartments and hooks for your shower organization needs.


Over-the-Door Shoe Holder

Over-the-door shoe bags are a must-have as they are extremely versatile and inexpensive. They can hold jewelry, office supplies, socks, toiletries, and virtually anything else that’s small.


Storage Chest as a Coffee Table

Using a chest as a coffee table is a great way to hide items in plain sight. It’s multipurpose and adds a unique touch to your living room.

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Storage Ottoman

An ottoman is another container that can double as a stylish piece of furniture. Storage ottomans come in all shapes, colors, and sizes to fit your space and personal taste.

Easy Storage Option

Storage Ottoman. Credit: Wil C. Fry on flickr creative commons


Headboard Shelving

If you don’t have space in your bedroom for a bedside table, headboard shelving might be the answer. Headboard shelving is great storage solution for books, pictures, knickknacks, and other personal touches. Some of them even come with drawers for additional storage.



It seems simple, but baskets are a good way to organize. They come in many different styles, sizes and colors, so they can be a decorative addition to your apartment, all while serving as a spot to stash your many odds and ends. Plus, they’re much cuter than traditional storage bins.

Assorted wicker baskets

A Variety of Baskets. Credit: Zachary Staines on Unsplash


Once you have your stuff stored and your space uncluttered, your apartment should start to feel a little bit bigger and a lot more organized.

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