Create a Work Space in Your Small Apartment

Working from home when all you have is a studio (or even a one bedroom) apartment can be difficult because there’s not a lot of space for a desk. For those of us who are easily distracted, not having a space dedicated to working can lead to lower levels or productivity. For others, this will result in working in bed or on the couch which can cause back and neck pain from bad posture. We’ve rounded up four ways that you can have a workspace without sacrificing your oh so valuable space. While the examples are from Ikea, there are plenty of other stores that sell similar items.

Small, Standing Desk

If you’re looking for something that will take up pretty much no space, but also provide you with amazing solutions for multiple problems, then this might just be the product for you. Hooks for your keys, a charging station with cord management, two shelves for your purse, shoes, etc., two small drawers, and it can work as a standing desk? Hats off to you, Ikea, it looks like there was a lot of thought put into this product.


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Console Table

Ikea was originally planning on customers using this to add to their counter space in the kitchen, but who says you can’t use it in your office—especially if you live in a studio where your kitchen and your office are the same room. While not all console tables are tall enough to work as a standing desk, there are some great options out there. One of the best things about console tables is that they aren’t very deep. That means that they won’t take up a ton of space. Add a picture frame and a plant for décor, store your shoes or books on the bottom, and there you have it—a great storage solution with a minimalistic vibe.


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Foldable Table

This table can work as a desk and/or dining room table, but that’s not even the best part. During your worktime or when you have guests over, you can put up the drop-leaves, and pull it out to the desired space. Want to use your space for a home workout or a solo dance party? Put the drop-leaves down, and push the table off to the side. It will take up almost no space at all. Another great feature is the drawer space. With six drawers, three on either side, you can store your office supplies on one side and your dining accessories (napkins, candles, and steak knives) on the other.

folding table

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Wall-Mounted Workspace

You’ll have to check to make sure you are able to install this in your apartment first, but it’s a pretty cool concept. Because there aren’t any legs, you can choose how high you want to install this, so it works whether you like to sit or stand while you work. Like the console table, this doesn’t have a lot of depth to it, so you’ll save yourself some space and achieve that minimalistic vibe that’s so hot right now.

wall mounted desk

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These products go to show that you can have a great workspace even in your small apartment. No need to strain your neck in bed while staring at spreadsheets. It’s definitely time to separate your work area from relaxation area.

Jordan McElwain

Jordan McElwain

Jordan is a digital marketer who enjoys learning new things and playing with puppies. Connect with Jordan on Twitter @jamcelwain.

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