Functional Furniture For Small Spaces

Living in a small apartment often feels like a game of tetris. Where can I put my furniture so that it looks best and I’m also getting the most out of it? And how can I fit all this furniture into this small space without overwhelming it? When you’re furnishing your small space, consider functionality above all else. Here are some pieces we love, that are functional and look great in your space.

Functional Furniture

Small Space Desks

If you want a place to sit down and do work but you don’t want to take up a lot of space with a full desk: consider a floating desk. This piece folds up into your wall, so when you’re not using it it’s out of the way. And when do you need it, it folds out into a full functioning work space, complete with storage space. It’s literally magic. We also love the look of ladder desks, which can be used for decoration, shelving, and as a desk.

Small Space Tables

If you want to be able to host a dinner party but don’t want a dining room table taking up space: Consider a Small Space Tables. This piece can live part time as an entryway table, a bar cart, a desk, or behind a couch, and then it can moonlight as a dining room table for entertaining. It’s functional, attractive, and well worth the money.

If you don’t want a large coffee table, and want options: consider nesting tables. These tables can function as a coffee table, a night stand, a mini desk, or a playroom table. Separate them, and use them in different rooms, or keep them together for a larger surface.

Small Space Sleeping

If you want a place for guests to sleep, without a guest room: consider this stylish futon. This futon functions as a chic couch during the day, and folds down into a bed at night. It’s the perfect solution for hosting guests, and doesn’t sacrifice space on your end.

Small Space Bathroom

If you need more storage space in your small bathroom: consider this bath etagere. Chances are, the space above your toilet is currently going to waste. This piece is sturdy, looks great, and can hold extra towels, toilet paper or bathroom necessities. If you want a piece with less visible storage, consider this closed one.

Small Space Storage

If you ran out of storage space, and also need more seating: consider storage ottomans. These pieces can be used for anything, and we mean anything. Put it at the foot of your bed, use it as extra seating in your bedroom or living room, stick it in your entryway. They come in all shapes and sizes, and can even be used as a coffee table. It’s the perfect place to store extra bedding, winter clothing, or even books.

If you need a piece of furniture or storage that can function in various ways: consider storage cubes. We’ve used these in the kitchen, as a bar and coffee cart, in the closet, as a bookshelf, as a dresser, as a room divider, as a TV stand, and the list goes on and on. You can choose how you store items, by purchasing cubes, or just using the open shelving.

If you need extra storage space and need to buy a new bed: consider a storage bed. We love that you don’t sacrifice aesthetic or space with these types of beds. The drawers can be used for anything from clothing to cleaning supplies to extra bedding.

Nikki Blank

Nikki Blank

Nikki Blank is the co-founder and CEO of Sip City, a functional beverage company out of Union Kitchen. Nikki moved from Boston to D.C. in June, and has been inspired by DC’s local food scene, female run businesses, and the energy of the city. In Boston, Nikki worked as a social media editor at the Harvard Business Review and in television and digital news production at PBS. At PBS, Nikki made custom smoothies and switchel for her co-workers, which launched her on the path to Sip City. Nikki graduated from Tufts University in 2015, with a degree in English and film studies. At Tufts, she played varsity soccer, taught two media seminars and wrote a satirical advice column in the Daily newspaper. Her superlative was Most Likely to Host Their Own Late-Night TV Show in a Onesie.

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