Apartment Decor Trends for 2018

While not the most popular New Year’s resolution, redecorating your apartment is one you might want to consider. While the décor or your apartment might not seem to matter too much to you, a home that is well put together can help you feel more together. To help you in pulling together a beautiful apartment, we’ve researched some of the top interior design trends that will stay strong in 2018.


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With studies coming out about clutter increasing stress, minimalism has become a huge trend in the interior design world. The minimalist style typically comes with neutral colors, clean cut furniture with no frills, and a deep clean. Hanging shelves and accent decorations are trends associated with minimalism, which we can expect to stay at the top of peoples’ minds in 2018. After all, who doesn’t want a little less stress in their lives? For tips on decluttering, which is key to achieving the minimalist lifestyle, check out The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.


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Late in 2016 and early in 2017, the Danish concept of hygge became popular among Americans and soft and relaxing bedroom and living room décor quickly followed. All the twinkling fairy lights and other soft lighting, plush blankets, and light colors can be attributed to this trend. While some aspects of the trend are sure to change, it looks like the general idea will live on in 2018 with more soft lighting options and cozy color palettes likely including blush (a.k.a millennial pink) and different variations of white. If you want to embrace hygge and create a cozy apartment, check out The Little Book of Hygge.



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Think rustic/country meets industrial/city. We’ve all seen raw (or made to look raw) wooden table with metal piping for legs, exposed brick walls, and ladder shelves. These are all common elements of the industrial décor trend. Made to look raw, manly, and urban, this décor is the kind you would be likely to see in a small brewery. This trend is sure to live on for quite a while in 2018 and reclaimed wood and metal accents rise in popularity.

bohemian design

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Do you have a friend who quit their amazing job to travel the world and find odd jobs as they come? I don’t, but I sure did read about a lot of millennials who were tired of being stuck with a daily schedule and limited vacation time so they packed their bags and went off to scoop ice cream in the Caribbean Islands somewhere. While that’s the extreme, others have definitely been working on finding more time to travel or dreaming of a time when they’ll have enough money to travel. Whether you’re trying to find a way to display all of your cool souvenirs from your travels or you want to inspire yourself to travel more, you’re in luck because the free-spirited, boho look is in. Funky prints and pops of color are popular elements of this style.

Decorating can be a challenge, but with these amazing design trends to guide you, what could possibly go wrong? Just don’t make the mistake of trying to mix the wrong ones together. Helpful hint: bohemian doesn’t pair very well with minimalism, but hey, you do you.

Jordan McElwain

Jordan McElwain

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