Creative Ways to Display Your Photos Without Using Frames

With the increase in quality in cameras on our cellphones everyone thinks they’re a photographer these days. We take more photos than we ever have before, but how many of the photos that you’ve taken have you actually gotten printed and displayed in your apartment? The last time I actually printed a photo was in college… needless to say, the photos I have displayed are a little out of date. One of the common excuses for not getting photos printed is that we are unable to properly display them without buying expensive frames and putting holes in the walls of our rentals. Well, no more excuses because here are five ways to creatively display your photos—without frames and without putting holes in your walls.


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Get an antique, farmhouse vibe with wooden planks, clothesline, and clothespins. This photo has black and white photos on display to keep with the antique décor, but you can just as easily use colored photos. You could even use painted wood to add pops of color to the style and make it more modern. While you could put holes in your walls to hang the wooden planks, these really aren’t very heavy, so you can just as easily use mounting tape and save your walls.


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Use tape for the back of the photo and washi tape to create these adorable faux frames. Seriously, this design is so cute, I wish I had known about it when I was in college. Use your favorite photos from magazines, print out quotes, and add in your own photos to get this adorable look. Create a new look each season with different colors and prints of washi tape.


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Get a memo board, then go to town with different clips and hangers to put your favorite photos and prints on display. You can also hang up reminders, to-do lists, and more with this simple décor piece. Once again, you could hang this up if you wanted to with nails or with stick-on hooks, but you can also lean it up against your wall—whatever looks works best for you!



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There are a bunch of different ways to create photo magnets, and this is just the simplest one. Get yourself some magnetic tape, print out your favorite photos, cut, stick, and voilà! These cute magnets also make great gifts for family and friends.

Okay while this one technically does involve a picture frame, each individual picture (or card) isn’t actually framed, so it counts, right? I love the addition of lights, and while this display is holiday-centric, you can make yours any way you want. It’s also easy to switch out the photos and decorations, so you could easily do holiday or seasonal takes on this display.

So which one of these is your favorite? Personally, I’m about to order 50 rolls of washi tape and go to town on my walls, and maybe even some of my out of date furniture.

Jordan McElwain

Jordan McElwain

Jordan is a digital marketer who enjoys learning new things and playing with puppies. Connect with Jordan on Twitter @jamcelwain.

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