Survey of Onsite Teams Reveals Dog Polices

Get ready for the dog days of summer! Yes, summer is finally here. We have 100 degree heat index days, tornado warnings and strong thunderstorms to prove it. Now I keep asking myself why I have been counting the days until summer arrived.

This month we asked our onsite clients if they allow dogs at their communities, and what types of related fees they charge their residents for the privilege. I am a dog enthusiast, so I was excited to see how many communities are allowing furry friends and making more money at the same time.

Hot Dog

Panting Dog. Credit: By Susan Wall on flickr creative commons

Our survey findings retrieved from onsite teams found:

  • Surprisingly, Virginia counties have a much higher percentage of communities allowing dogs (72%) verses Maryland communities (52%).
  • Washington DC was the lowest percentage with only 29% of communities allowing dogs to reside at their communities.
  • Refundable pet deposits are averaging $300, the nonrefundable pet fees average $350 and the communities that charge pet rent are getting an average of $25 per month.
  • Most communities we surveyed said they have a list of breeds that they do not allow, most of which are in the “lock jaw” category.
  • The weight restrictions varied from under 25 lbs. to no weight limits for allowed breeds.
  • Most people we surveyed told us they allowed dogs because of the extra income for the property but also to stay competitive in their market.

It is interesting how many of the resident activities and property amenities are now focused around pets. Many properties include bark parks, treats in the clubhouse and pet waste stations throughout the community. I love how creative some communities are with pet play dates, dog days at the pool, pet spa days and fun pet trick competitions. I even heard about a community that has a featured “pet of the month” with a photo montage for the community newsletter! These properties are really getting their residents and their furry friends involved in the community.

Are you ready to start allowing dogs at your community, or are you ready to create the ultimate dog park at your community?I found a wonderful company, Dog-on-it-Parks, while I was at the NAA educational conference in San Diego this month. Their website is a great resource if you are looking for equipment for your dog park, or if you are just trying to get ideas and suggestions.

Next month we will be surveying our onsite teams about residual income on properties.


Debra Stuckey

Debra Stuckey

Debra Stuckey is the General Manager / Publisher for Apartment Showcase, the leading resource for people looking to rent in the Washington DC, MD, and VA Metropolitan area. To learn how Apartment Showcase can help you lease your apartments contact Debra now!

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