Engaging and Motivating Millennial Staff

Labor Day is here, which means summer is officially over for most children and adults. Colleges have started their fall sessions, traffic will be horrible again, and the number of people looking for apartments will begin to slow down.

On our visits this month, we asked millennial employees a few questions about their jobs and where they see themselves in one year and in five years.

Survey About Millennial Employees in Property Management

by Robert Judge on flickr

by Robert Judge on flickr

Millennial employees, born between the years 1980 to 2000, are entering the workforce in large numbers and many “earlier generations” employees are not happy with the different attitudes and workplace expectations of these “20-somethings.” When we surveyed the property management millennials, I was surprised to see some of these high percentages:

  • 69% thought they should be promoted within the first year on the job.
  • 86% of the people interviewed had graduated from college, liked their current position, and felt it was not their career path but an opportunity to gain experience.
  • 52% felt their immediate supervisor did not give enough positive feedback.
  • 39% wanted to be the Regional manager of a portfolio in less than 5 years.

Are you surprised by these high percentages? Are you finding similar opinions with your millennial work staff? As the fall and winter months approach, how are you going to manage and motivate your millennials in a slower market? Here are some tips on managing millennials that you may find useful:

  • Provide structure with clear assignments, goals and success objectives.
    This is a great time to challenge them with an outreach project for the fall.
  • Keep the millennial employee challenged.
    Challenge them with individual or team projects like organizing resident activities and resident renewal programs.
  • Capitalize on the millennials affinity for networking digitally.
    Have them work your social networks online and review management.
  • Take cues from your millennial staff when marketing to millennial renters.
    Millennials want to communicate through email or text messages; they don’t use checks or stamps so allow the option to pay digitally; they don’t follow traditional work hour routines so offer 24/7 online communication for maintenance request, renewing leases and leasing apartments.

Read more about motivating and managing your millennial employees.

Debra Stuckey

Debra Stuckey

Debra Stuckey is the General Manager / Publisher for Apartment Showcase, the leading resource for people looking to rent in the Washington DC, MD, and VA Metropolitan area. To learn how Apartment Showcase can help you lease your apartments contact Debra now!

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