Climate Change for the Better

Since my last post some 30 days ago, we have gone from spring snowstorms to summer-like temperatures rising above 85 degrees.

I am not sure if the media will blame this on global warming or if they’ll coin a new term for this year’s strange weather. What I do know is that I am glad it is not SNOWING!

With the first day of summer a little more than a month away, our current temperatures are showing signs of a scorching season. Bring it on! All the more reason to plan the first trip to the beach!

Gorgeous Courtyard Area at Meridian at Pentagon City

Prospects Prefer Personal Touch, Accurate Pricing Online

As promised, I would like to share some insight from our recent focus groups that I believe will help everyone understand the average prospect and their thought process when looking for an apartment.

Here are some stats you may find helpful:

• 62% preferred to call over email for the initial contact with a property for immediate information
• 77% did not want to and did not make an appointment before visiting the community
• 59% expected an answer to their email the same business day
• 83% said they did not receive a personal email response with answers to their questions, only a “canned” message from the community, which they felt was worthless
• 93% said the most important information they sought was accurate pricing and availability, and also indicated that they become frustrated by the outdated information online
• 76% said the reasons they visit a community are to see a model home for furniture-placement questions and to evaluate the condition of the apartment

I promise to share more from our focus groups in future newsletters. We have focus groups periodically throughout the year. If you would like us to do a focus group with your residents, please post in the comments below.



Debra Stuckey

Debra Stuckey

Debra Stuckey is the General Manager / Publisher for Apartment Showcase, the leading resource for people looking to rent in the Washington DC, MD, and VA Metropolitan area. To learn how Apartment Showcase can help you lease your apartments contact Debra now!

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