How to Use Social Media for Apartment Communities

Social Media Tips

If you’re a property manager or leasing agent, chances are you have some experience in knowing how Social Media is managed for your apartment property. And if you don’t, now is the time to learn! Here are some tips from our marketing experts here at Apartment Showcase on how you can make your presence on Social Media even more valuable to your followers and customers.



  1. Share information about your events.
  2. Reply to client questions about your community.
  3. Follow people and businesses in your area.
  4. RT how-to guides and apartment blog articles.
  5. Share community photos from your residents.
  6. Tweet/Retweet frequently (5+ times a day).
  7. Like tweets that are apartment related.
  8. Follow interior design and home décor related twitter accounts.
  9. Check notifications frequently and thank new followers.
  10. Mention trending hashtags according.
  11. RT pics of pets at your community.
  12. Like tweets that you’re mentioned in.
  13. Use hashtags and emojis sparingly. Too many can be annoying.
  14. Follow local schools, police, fire department, newspapers.
  15. Participate in popular hashtags such as #tbt (#throwbackthursday) or #ff (#followfriday) but not too often so your followers don’t get sick of it.

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  1. Engage with your followers by liking their comments.
  2. Check private messages and answer client questions.
  3. Create occasional contests with prizes.
  4. Create events for your community and invite followers.
  5. Post at least 5 times per week, no more than 2 posts a day.
  6. Publish engaging “this or that” or fill-in-the-blank posts.
  7. Like local business pages.
  8. Boost the occasional post for more visibility.



  1. Take original photos and add interesting captions.
  2. Create themed graphic images on for holidays & special occasions.
  3. Like other people’s photos.
  4. Follow local people and businesses.
  5. Comment on photos you find intriguing.
  6. Add as many hashtags to posts as applicable (unlike Twitter).


Taking picture of building with cell phone

Taking original photos can help improve your content and credibility across all Social Media platforms.



  1. Re-pin décor advise, organizing, moving and apartment tips.
  2. Create a board for your community events.
  3. Get ideas for hostess gifts.
  4. Re-pin periodically for associated holidays and seasons.
  5. Re-pin cute/practical/neat products.
  6. Create a board for each room – living, dining, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen.
  7. Create boards themed around DIY ideas.
  8. Create boards for cleaning, going green, indoor gardens, art arrangement.



  1. Share your posts from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest.
  2. Promote the page on your website and other social media.
  3. Post funny and interesting pics and videos.
  4. Share fun posts from other users.
  5. Post about your community events.
  6. Share local events.



  1. Post videos touring your community.
  2. Reply to user comments.
  3. Create fun how-to, do’s and don’ts, moving tips videos.
  4. Interview residents at your community for testimonial videos.
  5. Host recorded training seminars.
  6. Interview featured “pet resident” and their owner at your community.

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  • Stay neutral. Do not post or comment on issues that are religiously or politically charged.
  • Don’t share the exact same post across all platforms. Change up the wording to make it unique.
  • Alert followers of your other social media accounts.
  • Use @ to tag people/places on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Remember: Google+ posts show up in Google search results!
  • Some popular hashtag suggestions to gain followers: #cute #love #instagood #followme #happy #food #instadaily #like4like #friends #smile #fun #picoftheday #selfie #like #beautiful #tagforlikes #instamood #follow4follow #lol #MotivationMonday #tbt #fbf #wbw


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