Be a Social Media Superhero This Holiday Season

So you survived Halloween. Did you plan a party for your guests? Did any of your residents wear cool costumes? What about your staff? Did they dress up?


GWP & Apartment Showcase’s Superhero Team celebrates this Halloween in style!

Hopefully, you remembered to take lots of pictures and post them on social media. But, if you didn’t, the holiday season is right around the corner, bringing plenty of other opportunities. Here are some ideas on how to seize the holiday season with property events that take advantage of utilizing fresh, original content for your social media.

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Generate FOMO for Potential Residents

We’ve all experienced it. Your friends are out having the time of their lives and posting all kinds of cool pics on social media.  Meanwhile, you’re sitting at home in your pjs watching reruns of Hoarders and suffering from “Fear Of Missing Out.” Well, this time you can create that feeling for your leads and have them saying to themselves, “Man… why don’t I live there?!” Throw some kick ass parties this season and take tons of pics to generate FOMO for your potential residents.

Holiday Party Dog

Have any guests staying put this Thanksgiving? Throw a potluck and have everyone bring a dish. Got too many decorations in storage? Don’t be shy, use them all! Create custom cocktails, order catering, make a huge effort to really pamper your guests and go the extra mile! If your property is pet-friendly encourage guests to bring their dogs to events. Pets always generate great buzz on social media, so the more furry critters you include, the better. Trust me, your residents will appreciate the care and attention to detail and it will totally make your leads jealous.


Make Your Current Residents Feel Included

Not only does posting your events and parties on social media make your leads envious and wish that they lived there, but it makes your current residents glad they live there! Residents who find shared pictures of themselves on social media love the attention and they will be sure to share with their friends and followers. Only have 500 followers on Instagram? Well, if you happen to snap an adorable pic of your resident enjoying some of your property’s holiday punch, then they might share it with their 1,000 followers! Enjoy the free publicity for your property, as it will be sure to show how great of a place it is to live. After all, people share experiences, not things.

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Taking Photos at a Holiday Party


Boost Your Posts for Increased Visibility

As you may know, Facebook has really tightened the reigns when it comes to post visibility for professional and business pages. Therefore, it is absolutely vital to boost posts if you want your leads to even see them in the first place. By just putting a couple extra bucks into sponsored ads, you can ensure that your potential residents will see all the cool, fun things your property is doing. With Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. you don’t have to promote as much. On those platforms, it’s optional to pay for boosts, but it certainly doesn’t hurt! Plus, now that Instagram is owned by FB, they pretty much do all the boosting on Insta for you… and it’s AWESOME! If you put just $10 towards a Facebook promo, they will cross-post it for you on IG and you can grab a bunch of likes for that post. You could be looking at hundreds of likes and clicks if the post is interesting enough.

So, there you have it! We hope that these tips help you make the most of this holiday season, so get snapping! Have any social media tips of your own? Post in the comments below.


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Kristen Reynolds

Kristen Reynolds

Kristen is a digital marketer and enjoys coffee, dogs, and writing in her free time. Follow @kreynoldsmedia on Twitter for more.

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