Creating Evergreen Content for Your Property’s Blog

Although content creation and curation may be daunting for many property managers, sharing unique and pertinent content is a great way to engage with current and future residents. It’s also a way to connect with audiences beyond prospective renters and get the name of your property out in the mainstream. When readers can get an idea for your management style, company brand, and understand what your community can offer them, they will be more likely to commit to doing business with you.


There are a number of details you should consider when developing story ideas and curating appropriate content for your blog. Ask yourself some questions:

  • Who is your intended audience?
  • Is your article trendy or timeless?
  • Can it be used in multiple contexts?
  • What are the greatest attributes of my property?
  • What does our surrounding neighborhood have to offer?

Your ultimate goal should always be to showcase the reasons someone would want to live on your property or utilize your property management services.

Let’s dig into some practical tips for creating and curating content that accomplish these objectives:


Target Specific Audiences

You cannot make content relevant without first identifying an audience and their needs. You may want to consider how content on your blog might reach local businesses or property owners. You may want to target prospective renters. Each audience will require a unique narrative. If your property or brand is meant for a specific type of resident it will be important to think about that when writing articles. For example, an article highlighting the strength of the neighborhood school district is relevant to prospective renters with children. If your target audience is young professional renters, content related to local nightlife might be more fitting. Finally, the best restaurants within walking distance is a topic that is relevant to nearly anyone. It’s useful to have multi-audience articles in your content mix as well.


Use Seasonal and “On-Trend” Content to Stay Relevant

Another way to stay relevant is to adapt with the times. Whether that means sharing data on the current job market near your property or writing posts related to holidays, providing information covering popular topics will give your blog an edge year after year.


Audiences connect with contemporary topics. If articles on your blog focus on current trends, they are more likely to be shared virally on social media and are liable to become part of larger conversations. On the flip side, timeless content can be repurposed and used in marketing campaigns more than once.


Create Timeless Content

Have you noticed that many lifestyle bloggers, and even magazines like Time, share throwback articles on social media? When you create and share content, you want to get the most bang for your buck. Save time and energy by creating articles that stand the test of time, articles that will promote the value of your property for years to come. A more timeless article might feature historic landmarks or preserved land in the vicinity that make your property a coveted commodity. Stories from your residents or resident testimonials are also examples of long lasting and insightful content to share.


Varying Content

Vary the timeless and trendy to stay fresh. Alternating between both types will make your blog more dynamic.

Mark Your Calendar

Stay more organized while curating your content by keeping a content calendar.


Understanding SEO

Apartment Showcase has a terrific SEO primer for property managers you can read here, so I won’t get too deep into the nitty gritty, but two key factors that determines your website’s Search Engine Optimization is the quality of the content and the number or frequency of social media shares – both of which are under your control. Another way to ensure quality is to hire writers if you can, or at least have some guest spots. Finally, increase social media shares not only by sharing on your own page and hoping articles are picked up, but also by including local businesses in posts and making sure those business know you are saying positive things about them. Follow local businesses and organizations; tag them in your posts or tweet at them. Upping your engagement with others on social media will up the public’s engagement with you.


Questions on how to improve your content marketing skills? Feel free to contact us.

Elaina Hundley

Elaina Hundley is an education professional with a passion for cozy, affordable home decor. She loves coffee, watching "Fixer Upper," and tries to read and write as much as she can in her free time.

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