How Lead Nurturing Emails Enhance Your Apartment Marketing

Some of the best customer experience you can provide can easily be established with a customized email journey for your leads. Below we’ll discuss some important email marketing systems to put in place for your subscribers and leads so that they don’t get left behind in the dust.



Automated Workflows

If you don’t already have email automation setup, stop what you’re doing and put one into effect right now! No matter what email marketing platform you are using, just about all of them have a way to set up automation that is triggered based on the customer’s join date and which campaigns are clicked or opened. The simplest form of automation is contingent on when they were added to your email list. Space the emails out. A good workflow typically consists of about 5-7 emails during their first month as your subscriber and is more spread out from that point forward. To start, put that welcome email into effect right away so that your subscribers receive an introduction from you as soon as they sign up. You can work out the rest of the details in the meantime and whiteboard the remainder of your automation plan later.

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Customer Journey

You should always, at the very least, have a welcome email for your new subscribers, but let’s take it one step further and create a custom path for your leads. Email marketing platforms have a plethora of ways for you to engage with your subscribers based on what choices they make and where they are at in their process. What kind of emails are they opening? Where are they clicking? Which people have pets? Who likes to use the gym? Are they interested in your community events? By evaluating what kind of campaigns your subscribers are interested in, you can find out all this information and much more. In response to that you can customize their email journey to target users based on their interests, rather than just throwing a bunch of random emails at them and hoping for the best.




This is the key to increasing your open and click rates exponentially! Personalized emails are the bread and butter of the lead nurturing process. You want your subscribers to feel warm and fuzzy – like you are a community that actually cares about them. In the “From:” field, rather than having the email look like it’s coming from “ABC Apartments” every time, switch it up every so often and use your customer service rep’s name. People will be much more inclined to open an email from “Janice at ABC Apartments” than just the community name alone. People love the reassurance that your emails are coming from a real person and not a robot, thus leading to more engagement and interaction. Email marketing platforms often use tags or codes to autofill this information with the lead’s name so that you can personalize your salutation in your emails. Use this in the “To:” fields, subject lines, or even within the body of the email itself.

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Take these tips and transform your email marketing agenda into a lead nurturing goldmine. Have some lead nurturing tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below!


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Kristen Reynolds

Kristen Reynolds

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