Summer Safety Measures for Apartment Communities

Moving into an apartment this summer to a community you don’t know? Have the safety precaution list below in mind when being secure within your apartment.

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Review Security

If your apartment does not have a alarm system, ask your landlord if you can install one. This is one of the best precautions you can take in any household.


After moving in, your apartment will probably have some sort of lock on the front door. Ask your landlord for a new lock, not a chain lock but a deadbolt lock. If they won’t pay for it, you’ll have to pay out of pocket for this and will need a locksmith to get the job done. Having a deadbolt in your apartment will insure no one else has your key and will secure you and your apartments safety. Remember- never leave your apartment without locking all the doors, and setting the alarm if you have one! Make sure your windows are always locked within your apartment, even if you aren’t home.


If you have a balcony or deck, do not use it as a place to put storage. That is a fire hazard.

Security Information

Always know your local emergency information in case of break-ins or unusual activity.


Get to know the people in your building or complex and of course, your landlord. Familiar faces will give you insurance and will help you recognize suspicious people that are not part of your community. Getting to know your landlord will help you understand the rules and regulations of the apartment complex you are living in, it’s also a plus to be on your landlords good side when it comes down to maintenance request and other issues. Going further, become familiar with your communities surroundings and usual placement of things, this way if something looks off, you can report it to your landlord or security management.

It’s very important to take security measures no matter what apartment you move into, the tips above are also good for those who have been living in an apartment struggling with security.

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Victoria Naranjo

Victoria Naranjo

Victoria is a full-time student at Bridgewater College and writer for Apartment Showcase.

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